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North Carolina HealthConnex FAQs

Updated: 12/12/2023|Views: 759

Answers to the most common North Carolina HealthConnex questions.

Question Answer
What is North Carolina (NC) HealthConnex? The NC HealthConnex is a secure, standardized electronic system linking disparate systems and existing Health Information Exchange (HIE) networks together to deliver a comprehensive view of patient records.

With Tebra’s integration to NC HealthConnex, providers are able to stay compliant to the state mandate and be able to securely access and share clinical information through the HealthConnex clinical portal.
Is connecting to NC HealthConnex mandatory? North Carolina has mandated that all healthcare providers receiving state funds (e.g., Medicaid, NC  Health Choice, and State Health Plans) must connect to NC HealthConnex.
What happens if a NC provider does not participate? If a provider does not demonstrate proof of connectivity, they will no longer receive state funds in payment for healthcare services.
What is the deadline to comply with the mandate? The connection deadline for providers of Medicaid and State-funded healthcare services and affiliated entities was extended to January 1, 2023.
What are the benefits of connecting to NC HealthConnex?
  • Ensures practices in the state of NC remain compliant with the mandate and allows them to continue to receive reimbursements from state plans.
  • Reduces time spent collecting patient information from other providers at the point of care.
  • Simplify workflow of collecting and presenting medical information from various sources.
  • Use of HealthConnex promotes access, exchange, and analysis of health information and reduces cost of exchange.
Is there a fee to integrate NC HealthConnex with Tebra? No. The integration is available to applicable practices in the state of NC who subscribe to Clinical, Clinical Essentials, Pro, or Plus.
How does a practice connect to NC HealthConnex? The following steps are completed solely between NC and the practice (the agreement is done at the practice level, not at the provider level).
  1. Download and complete the Full Participant Agreement.
    Note: Review NC HIEA How to Connect for detailed instructions.
    1. For the Electronic Health Record (EHR Vendor) Information section of the agreement, enter the following details:
      • EHR Vendor: Kareo
      • EHR Vendor Product and Version: Kareo EHR Version 5.0
      • Hosting Location: Cloud-based
      • EHR Vendor Contact Name: Beth Lyn Onofri
      • EHR Vendor Contact Email:
      • EHR Vendor Contact Phone Number: 866-938-3272
  2. Submit the full participation agreement form to the state via email or mail to the NC Health Information Exchange Authority. Review Submitting the Agreement for additional information.

Once the agreement is submitted, the practice is notified by HealthConnex of receipt and subsequent steps of implementation. 

What happens after the full participant agreement is submitted to NC? After NC receives the practice's full participation agreement the following is completed by NC and Tebra:
  • Tebra is notified every Friday of new practice enrollees.
  • Tebra reviews the practice's information from NC and completes the onboarding process to enable the NC HealthConnex integration.
  • As soon as the integration is tested and completed, NC HealthConnex connects the practice to allow the practice's data to transmit from Tebra to the NC HealthConnex portal.
  • Tebra transmits the practice's historical and new clinical data to NC HealthConnex.
    Note: New data is transmitted to NC HealthConnex when providers sign a clinical note in Tebra.
  • NC HealthConnex informs the practice when they can access the NC HealthConnex Portal.
What does the provider do after NC HealthConnex notifies them that they can access the NC HealthConnex Portal?
Providers can now access the NC HealthConnex Portal to view shared clinical information. After the provider signs a clinical note, the clinical data is transmitted to the NC HealthConnex and will be visible to providers within five minutes.
How long does it take to set up a practice on NC HealthConnex? After a practice has executed a full participation agreement with NC, the actual setup process is 10 business days for NC; 1-2 business days for Tebra.
Can a practice connect to NC HealthConnex with a submission-only participant agreement? No. Practices using Tebra must complete a full participant agreement.
The patient does not want their information sent to NC HealthConnex. How do they opt out? All patient data is included in the transmission unless the patient notifies their provider that they do not want to participate in the NC HealthConnex program.

Note: Tebra is unable to assist in opting patients out of the NC HealthConnex program.
What does the practice/provider need to do if they switch from Tebra to a different EHR? Contact NC HealthConnex at and inform them of the change in vendor.  
Who do I contact if I have more questions about NC HealthConnex? Contact NC HIEA Technical & Application Support.
Where can I find additional information on NC HealthConnex? Resources:
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