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Manage Online Presence

Updated: 06/08/2023|Views: 5277

Online presence makes it easy to publish and manage provider and practice information across more than 70 online directories. With automatic information checking, you'll have the confidence in knowing that your profile details stay accurate and up to date.

Available for Engage subscribers.

Set Up Online Presence

  1. Hover over the Engage icon and click on Online Presence. The Online Presence page opens.
  2. Review the provider's location and fix any errors:
    1. Click Change Location to choose a different service location.
      Note: Changing the primary location here will reflect across all Engage settings.
    2. Click Show Details to see online directory errors. 
    3. Click Fix all listings now to activate your Online Presence and correct detected errors.

Once set up, your Online Presence displays as active.

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