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Check Status of Patient Intake

Updated: 06/09/2023|Views: 2731

Check the Patient Intake status on the appointment card and take additional actions as necessary.

Available for Engage subscribers.

Access Appointment Card

  • On the Dashboard, click on the appointment. The Appointment Card opens.

Not Sent to Patient

Not sent to patient indicates the patient intake form was not sent when the appointment was created. If necessary, send the intake form(s) on demand for the patient to complete electronically.

Note: Recurring appointments, group appointments, and appointments assigned to non-provider resources are not currently supported with patient intake.


Not Submitted by Patient

Not Submitted by Patient indicates the patient intake form has been sent to the patient, and the patient has not completed the form.

Available actions:

  • Resend: Click the more option icon and select Resend to email the another patient intake link to the email address on file.
  • Start Intake on Kiosk: Click the more option icon and select Start Intake on Kiosk to allow patients to complete intake forms in the office with the Kiosk app.
  • Print Forms: Print a PDF version of the intake forms with existing information in the patient chart.

Pending Review

Pending Review indicates the patient has submitted the patient intake form and is awaiting review from the practice.

Available actions:



Merged indicates the patient's intake form has been reviewed and merged by the practice.



Rejected indicates the patient's intake form has been reviewed and rejected by the practice.

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