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Enable or Disable Practice Online Scheduling

Updated: 01/05/2024|Views: 4241

Practice level online scheduling allow practices with multiple service locations and providers to enhance their scheduling options. The online scheduler gives patients the ability to request appointments from the practice page or the provider profile page.

For a provider to be included in the practice level online scheduler, they must be a Engage subscriber and set up the Online Appointment Booking section of their Provider Profile. The practice online schedule displays appointment times based on the set up of the provider(s) online schedule.

For Engage and Telehealth subscribers, the online scheduler has the option for patients to request an in-office appointment or telehealth appointment. Once the online scheduler is enabled, patients will automatically have the option to select a telehealth appointment.

Access Online Scheduling

  1. Hover over the User icon and click on Practice Settings. The Practice Settings page opens.
  2. Click Calendar Settings. The Calendar Settings page opens.
  3. Click Online Scheduling. The Online Scheduling settings page opens.

Review Office Hours

Available providers for practice online scheduling displays.

  1. Click on the provider to edit or review the provider's set office hours and locations.
  2. A red message displays to indicate the provider has enabled online scheduling but has not set up their office hours. Click on the provider to complete the set up.
    Note: The provider will not be included in the practice online scheduler until the office hours set up is complete.

Enable Online Scheduler

  1. Click to select "Enable Online Scheduling".
  2. Enter the Practice Name without spaces to create a custom URL.
    Tip_Icon.png Tip: Use special characters such as a hyphen (-) or underscore (_) as separators.
  3. Click Save when finished. The practice online appointment scheduler is now ready for use.

Disable Online Scheduler

Disable the practice URL to turn off the practice's online scheduler. After the practice URL is disabled, patients will no longer be able to access the practice's online scheduler.

If necessary, the online scheduler can be enable again using the same practice URL.

  1. Click to clear "Enable Online Scheduling".
  2. Click Save when finished. The practice's online scheduler is no longer accessible.
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