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Import Patient Clinical Data

Updated: 08/17/2023|Views: 11396

Certified EHR software has the ability to export patient clinical data in bulk. Patient clinical data is exported in the form of Summary of Care files with a .ccda file extension. If you have your patient data in this format, Tebra can import your patient clinical data into Tebra for you.

Step 1: Export your Summary of Care Files

The first step to importing patient clinical data into Tebra is to export your Summary of Care (.ccda) files from your old EHR. The process of exporting Summary of Care files varies between each EHR. Some EHR systems allow you to download your practice’s .ccda files while others require you to contact their Customer Service department.

Step 2: Submit a Data Import Request to Tebra

Complete the request form to initiate a patient clinical data import into Tebra.

  1. Hover over the User icon and click on Practice Settings. The Practice Settings page opens.
  2. Click Data Management. Additional setting options expands.
  3. Click Import Clinical Data. The Import Clinical Data page opens.
  4. Enter the best contact Email and Phone number.
  5. Click Request Data Import. The Customer Care Team will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to initiate the data import process.
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