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Add or Edit Profile Office Forms

Updated: 06/23/2023|Views: 2497

Your Provider Profile allows you to upload forms that patients can download, print, and complete prior to their visit. Uploaded patient forms are also available for download from within automated email appointment reminders.

Note: Supported file formats include .pdf, .doc, and .docx.

Access Provider Profile

  1. Hover over the Platform icon and click on Provider Profiles. The Provider Profiles page opens.
  2. Click Manage on the right of the provider name. The Provider's Profile page opens.
  3. Scroll down to the Office Forms section of the Provider Profile.


Add an Office Form

  1. Click to attach forms to appointment reminders.
  2. Click +Add Office Form. The editor opens.
  3. Form Document: Drag and drop a file from your desktop into the box, or click browse and upload to select a file from a directory on your computer. The file name displays as the Form Document.
  4. Title: Enter a name for the form.
  5. Description (optional): Enter a brief explanation of the form.
  6. Click Save Changes. The form is added to the provider profile.


Edit or Delete an Office Form

  1. Hover over the Office Form you want to edit or delete and click Edit. The editor opens.
  2. To change the form, click Remove Document. Then drag and drop a file from your desktop into the Form Document box or click browse and upload to select a file from a directory on your computer. Click Save Changes when finished.
  3. To edit the Title or Description, make desired changes and click Save Changes. The editor closes and the updated information displays.
  4. To remove the form from your profile, click Delete. The form is deleted from the profile.
  5. To reorder the list of forms, click the bar icon on the left of the form name and drag it up or down into the new position in the list.



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