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Add, Edit, or Delete Profile Team Members

Updated: 06/23/2023|Views: 1275

The Team Members section of the profile allows you to post photos and basic information of other staff members in the practice.

Access Provider Profile

  1. Hover over the Platform icon and click on Provider Profiles. The Provider Profiles page opens.
  2. Click Manage on the right of the provider name. The Provider's Profile page opens.
  3. Scroll down to the Team Members section of the Provider Profile.


Add Team Member

  1. Click +Add Team Member. The Team Member editor opens.
  2. To add an optional image, click browse and upload. The Team Photo window opens. 
  3. Drag and drop an image from your desktop into the box, click browse and upload to add an image from your computer, or click take a photo to take a picture using your webcam. The Edit Team Photo window opens.
    Note: An image must meet the following criteria to be uploaded:
    • File type: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, or .gif
    • File size: 250kb-10mb
    • Measurements: minimum 200 pixels in height and width
  1. Click and drag the crop box to center it over your picture, as desired.
  2. Click and drag the corners of the crop box to reduce or enlarge the size, if necessary.
  3. Click Crop when placement is complete.
  4. Review the image and click Confirm crop to save the image, or click Redo crop to make additional changes. The saved image appears in the Team Member editor.
  1. Enter the Team Member's name.
  2. Enter the Team Member's job title.
  3. Click Save Changes when finished. The editor closes and the updated information displays.

Edit or Delete a Team Member

  1. Hover over the Team Members you want to edit or delete and click Edit. The editor opens.
  2. To remove or change the Team Member image, click Remove Image. Click browse and upload to add a new image, if desired. Click Save Changes when finished. 
  3. To edit the Team Member's Name or Title, make desired changes to the information and click Save Changes. The editor closes and the updated information displays.
  4. To delete the Team Member, click Delete in the lower right of the editor window.
  5. To reorder the list of Team Members, click the bar icon on the left of the Team Member's image and drag it up or down into the new position in the list.


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