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How Does the Search Advertising Tech Fee Work?

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 83

When choosing to advertise with Practice Growth, you will notice that your total ad budget will be broken down into two parts.

  • Google Media Budget (75% of Total Ad Budget)
    • The Google Media Budget is the amount of money, paid by you directly to Google, your account will spend each month.
    • This allows you to pay for clicks as they accrue throughout the month rather than in one big payment in advance. Your IM or CSM will help you get this set up with your Search Advertising Manager on the Advertising Kickoff Call.
  • Practice Growth Tech Fee (25% of Total Ad Budget)
    • The Practice Growth Tech Fee is the amount of money, paid to Practice Growth, that will cover the technology we use for continuous monitoring of the account. This also covers account optimization, bid management, and maintenance such as regularly adding negative (exclusionary) keywords, creating new ads, A|B testing, and regular analysis & reporting. All of the above help to increase performance and maximize the efficiency of your campaigns.

Why does Practice Growth charge a Technology Management Fee for Search Advertising?

The Tech Fee that Practice Growth charges covers the machine learning technology we use for the continuous monitoring & data-driven optimization of the account. The Tech Fee also covers manual account optimization by your dedicated SEM Account Manager at Practice Growth, bid management, creating new ads, A|B testing, and regular analysis & reporting.  Working with a healthcare-only ads team at Practice Growth means that we are focused only on advertising for healthcare providers. Additionally, we are Google Certified Premier Partners with a dedicated Google team that provides industry-specific healthcare trends that we utilize.

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