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Email Options and Solutions with Practice Growth

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 419

This article addresses how your healthcare practice’s email could be affected when you become a Practice Growth customer.

What email solution does Practice Growth offer?

Practice Growth offers a HIPAA-compliant email solution for your practice via G Suite.

You’d be able to access them at or by setting up an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird using the settings described in this article:

How much does it cost to have Practice Growth host my emails?

HIPAA-compliant email costs $7 per month per email address. If you have four people at your healthcare practice (yourself included), you will pay $28 per month for HIPAA-compliant email.

Does Practice Growth offer a non-HIPAA email solution?

No, we only offer HIPAA emails via G Suite.

How are the emails HIPAA compliant?

We accept a HIPAA BAA with G Suite which ensures that the delivery method is encrypted. It is also up to you to ensure that the way you are using your email is HIPAA compliant, i.e. not forwarding patient information to a personal email address.

Where are my emails currently hosted?

Email can be hosted in a variety of places. If your email addresses end with or, then your email is hosted with Google and Yahoo, respectively.

If your email addresses end with your domain — for example, — they are likely hosted with your current website provider. If this is the case, let your Implementation Manager know immediately. Then see the next section of this article.

If your email addresses end with anything else, check this website to discover where they are hosted.

How do I migrate my emails to Practice Growth?

Let your Implementation Manager or Customer Success Manager know if your email is hosted with a vendor you plan to cancel with, as you will need to migrate these emails. You will need to provide login information for each email address that you would like to migrate, so begin gathering that information now.

Practice Growth will create new email addresses for the price listed above.

What if I want to keep my current email vendor?

You can keep your current email vendor if you wish. Keep in mind that this cost will be separate from your Practice Growth contract. Emails can only be hosted in one place at a time, so if you already have emails set up and want to transition your hosting to Practice Growth, we will need to perform an email migration.

If you have additional questions regarding Practice Growth email solutions, contact your Implementation Manager.

What is an email migration?

Basically we make a copy of your inbox, all of the old messages in it, so that when the hosting is switched to G Suite and you log in to instead of your previous web portal, or next time you log in to your email client, all of your old emails will still be present. If we don’t migrate your mailbox(es), all of your old messages are liable to be irretrievably lost.

Does a migration cost money?

No, we perform a migration free of charge, but we do still charge $7 monthly for each user that we will end up hosting.

How does a migration work?

We need the username and password for each email address to be migrated. We don’t log in to your emails, those credentials are used to programmatically copy over your mailboxes using Google’s migration tool. Your current mail server must be operational and have an SSL certification installed (this is rarely an issue, except for much older email hosts).

If I already have emails set up, do I have to do an email migration?

No — if you already have emails set up, they can continue to be hosted in the same place because we ensure that your DNS settings are not changed after we set up your domain. The most common instance for emails to be migrated is if the prior host is terminating that service (most common when the previous web provider is hosting your website and emails).

My previous host cancelled my email hosting, can my emails still be migrated?

No, we must be able to connect to a functional mail server to migrate your emails. You may want to reach out to your previous provider to see if they can restore access temporarily, if it was disabled so that we have time to migrate your emails. If your previous host deleted your email account, and your email messages weren’t backed up or migrated, they are deleted permanently.

How long does an email migration take?

It depends on how many messages you have, and any files contained therein. It can take anywhere from several hours to over a day.

Will you copy ALL of my old email messages during a migration?

We migrate the last 2 years of your email history, not including spam, drafts, or deleted messages.

I don’t want Practice Growth to host my emails, but I want to set up emails using my domain on my own. What do I do?

If we’re managing your DNS, let your customer success manager know that you are updating your email hosting, and send over any DNS records and we’ll make the updates on your behalf.

What happens to my emails if I ever leave Practice Growth?

We will continue hosting your emails for 30 days after you decide to terminate your services with us. During that time, it is your responsibility to perform any email migration or backup. After 30 days we will remove your email accounts from our system.

If you are moving emails to your own G Suite account, let us know and we can generate a transfer token to ensure a seamless transition.

I have other questions, such as changing my password.

Contact your Customer Success Manager, your Implementation Manager, or the Support team.

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