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One-Way Integration Walkthrough

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 237

Managing Online Appointment Requests

  • With your scheduling system integration, all appointment inquiries received from the online booking tool are treated as requests which you can confirm and manage directly in your scheduling system.
  • You can view your pending requests within the Practice Portal under Appointments > Action Required.
  • You will also receive an automated email notification when an appointment is requested online. Clicking ‘View appointment details’ will bring you directly to the Appointment Details page within the practice portal.
  • To confirm an appointment request, simply schedule the appointment in your scheduling system for the requested time, copying the patient’s first name, last name, date of birth, mobile number and/or email address exactly as it appears in the practice portal. The appointment will be read from your scheduling system and matched to the original appointment inquiry, which will automatically update the status in your Practice Growth portal from ‘Pending Request’ to ‘Confirmed’ — usually within 60 minutes.
    • Please Note: If the patient’s identifiers do not match exactly, the original appointment request will remain in the requested state and the appointment from your scheduling system will import into the practice portal in the confirmed state.
    • The appointment must be scheduled in your scheduling system under a provider profile that was integrated during your call with an Integration Specialist in order for us to read and match it to the original appointment request.
  • To reschedule an appointment request, simply enter the appointment in your scheduling system for the new date and time and cancel the original request from the Practice Growth portal. If our cancellation messaging is enabled, a notification will be sent to the patient. With the next sync, we’ll import the appointment for the new date and time from your scheduling system onto the practice portal.
  • Once we’ve imported an appointment from your scheduling system, you can update its status directly in your scheduling system and, with each sync, Practice Growth will read and reflect those changes in the practice portal.

Managing Your Calendar Availability

  • Split Booking (**available for select scheduling system integrations**)
    • If split booking is enabled for your calendar and at least one of the slots is filled, please note the availability on the practice portal will differ from what is displayed on the online booking tool.
    • For example, if you have determined with your Integration Specialist that split booking would be set to a value of 2 and one of those slots is filled, the other slot will remain available on the online booking tool:

Updating Calendar Availability

  • You can update your availability at any time within the Practice Growth practice portal in the Calendar module.
  • If you need to make changes to your availability but an appointment has already been requested within the hours that need to be updated, you can temporarily remove the booked appointments by loading the default schedule. Once you make your edits and save your changes, you can navigate away from the Calendar module and come back or refresh your web browser and the booked appointments will reappear.
  • Since Practice Growth reads your availability over the next year, if you do make any changes to your default availability, they will need to be applied for the remaining weeks. Please remember to hit Save after you’ve updated your availability!
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