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Self-service Patient Survey Tool FAQs

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 298

Practice Growth recently released a new self-service patient survey tool that allows users to send patient feedback requests on demand. Follow our quick reference guide to get started sending patient surveys.

Here, we share answers to common questions about Patient Surveys.

What email addresses should I use for patient surveys?

Emails should be patients only. Do not include provider or Practice Growth employee emails, since we measure the conversion rates of the surveys. Also, the patient emails should have been collected with knowledge of the patient. Be sure to let patients know they could receive email communication from your practice.

How frequently should I use Patient Surveys?

We recommend sending surveys weekly. Emailing patients soon after their appointments increases the chance they’ll respond to the survey. Surveys are sent over the length of the entire week.

How many patients can I send a feedback request to per campaign?

You can insert a maximum of 500 email addresses per provider. For example, if you are sending the survey on behalf of three providers, you can input a maximum of 1,500 email addresses.

What time are the patient survey campaigns sent?

The patient surveys campaign will start at 9 a.m. on the following day.

How many emails will be sent per day?

The daily send rate is equal to the total number of recipients divided by seven (e.g. If an email list has 84 recipients, then 12 feedback requests will be sent out across seven days). You are able to have a maximum of 10 active campaigns at any one time.

How do I stop a campaign that is in progress?

In order to stop a patient survey in progress, hover over the card and select the “Stop” icon. Stopping a survey prevents sending feedback requests to any recipients who have not yet received the survey, and it also prevents further emails to those who haven’t responded.

For questions regarding Patient Surveys not answered here, contact your customer support manager or our support team.

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