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Two-Way-Text FAQs

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 316

Messaging feature enables you to enhance your patient experience by texting with them directly from the Practice Portal.

What types of messages can be sent with text messaging?

Practices may send text messages concerning the individual healthcare needs of their patients.Typical uses for text messaging include:

  • Appointment rescheduling
  • Pre-appointment information
  • Location and parking information
  • Prescription readiness
  • Patient inquiries

How do I enable Text Messaging?

When you activate Practice Growth’s communications offering from the Practice Portal, sms-capable numbers will be provisioned for each of your paid locations. Where do I access text messaging?

Text Messaging can be found In the Practice Portal under the Messages link in the left navigation.Multi-location practices will see a list of their locations, each with buttons to (send a) New Message and View Messages.You may also initiate text messages from patient records and appointment records.

How do I send a text message?

  1. In the Practice Portal, go to Messages > Text.
  2. Under a given location, click the “+ New Message” button
  3. Search for an existing patient record or add a new patient record
  4. Text conversations can also be initiated directly from patient records and appointment listings.

How do I know when I have received a new text message?

When you receive a new text message, that message will be highlighted as “unread” on your location’s text conversation list. You will also see your unread message count within badges. We also recommend you enable Browser Notifications to receive an immediate alert when a new message is received.

What are Practice Growth Shortcuts?

Practice Growth Shortcuts are preset copy and links that can be quickly inserted into text messages for efficient patient communication. Whether a patient needs to schedule an appointment, to fill out a form, or to receive driving directions, Shortcuts enable you to send key information to patients very quickly. You can also create custom shortcuts for your most popular communications.

What are the main features of Practice Growth Shortcuts?

  • System shortcuts: Practice Growth provides common shortcuts, such as links to your scheduling page, links to location information, and links to your forms.
  • Custom shortcuts: Practice Growth enables you to quickly create your own custom shortcuts for efficient messaging tailored to your practice’s specific workflows.
  • Highly flexible: Shortcuts simply insert information into the text entry field.There you are free to edit, add or personalize the message prior to sending.
  • Library management: Shortcuts are designed to always flex to your needs.You are free to create, edit, delete and rename your custom shortcuts as you see fit.
  • Lightning fast access: to access the Shortcuts menu from a text entry field, simply click on the Shortcuts (lightning) button or type in a forward slash “/”.
  • Search shortcuts: the Shortcuts menu contains a search field to easily locate your desired shortcuts by name.
  • Power user support by combining keystroke access and search, power users can insert shortcuts in fractions of a second!

What types of Shortcuts are offered?

  • Practice Growth provides the following “System Shortcuts” to all practices:
    • Scheduling Link
    • Location Info
    • Forms (links to forms)
    • Practice Growth also provides the ability for practices to create their own custom shortcuts.

How do I enable Practice Growth Shortcuts?

Practice Growth Shortcuts are available at no extra charge to all users of Practice Growth’s Text Messaging.This feature is enabled automatically.

How do Practice Growth Shortcuts work?

When texting patients, access Shortcuts by entering a forward slash “/“ or by clicking the Shortcuts button.Selecting a Shortcut will insert it into the text entry field, where it can be customized prior to sending.

How do I create a custom Shortcut?

On the shortcuts menu, click the “Add” button next to the Custom Shortcuts heading.On the Add Shortcut screen, simply enter your shortcut, give it a name, and save it.You can edit or delete existing shortcuts by clicking the three ellipses button next to the Custom Shortcut name in the menu view.


What types of messages can I send using Text Messaging?

Practices may send text messages to patients concerning their individual healthcare.Marketing or promotional messages are not allowed.Typical uses for text messaging include:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment rescheduling
  • Pre-appointment information
  • Location and parking information
  • Prescription readiness
  • Patient inquiries

Where do I access text messages in the Practice Portal?

All text messages can be found in the Practice Portal under Messages > Text.If you have multiple locations, you’ll choose a location to view the respective text messaging conversations.

Are text messages secure?

Text messaging offers a similar level of security as email or phone calls.

Can I send marketing messages to patients through Text Messaging?

Practice Growth’s Text Messaging and consent features are not designed to support marketing messages.Practice Growth’s Text Messaging feature is intended to be used for communication regarding health and account information only.Sending marketing messages via text to patients without obtaining their prior express written consent to receive those marketing messages (e.g. via a written email consent or on a patient intake form consent) could violate TCPA rules.

How are Practice Growth text messages different from regular text?

For patients, there will be no difference between text messages from your practice versus text messages with other contacts.For practices, Text Messaging will occur online in the Practice Portal.

Who has the ability to send text messages?

Anyone who has access to a practice’s portal can send text messages.

How are practice users notified about new text messages?

Portal users can subscribe to email or browser notifications for new text messages received.New messages received are also indicated via badges within the Practice Portal.Unread messages are visually highlighted on the Location Messages Page, and messages can be filtered by their Unread status.

Can a practice’s text messaging number(s) be advertised on their website?

Yes.Currently, “Text Us” buttons have been added to all qualifying websites.These will soon be replaced by the Web to Text widget.

Can a practice’s pre-existing number be used for text messaging?

When a practice activates Text Messaging for a given location, Practice Growth assigns a new phone number that is dedicated to text messaging for that location.This number is separate from other numbers used by your practice.

Can practices send bulk messages to groups of patients?

The ability to send a batch message to patients with an appointment on a given calendar day will be released in Q4 2021.

Can a practice’s text messages be viewed by Practice Growth employees?

No, they’re only accessible to the practice accounts.

Can practices send PDFs via text?

Not at this time – we currently only support incoming attachments.

How do I select a patient to whom I want to send a text message?

In the search box, search the name or phone number of the patient. If the patient has already been added to your practice, you’ll see an option to send a message. Otherwise, you’ll see the option to add the contact information and then send a message.

How do I add a new patient?

There are a couple of options to create a new patient contact:

  • When searching a phone number, your practice doesn’t have the patient contact information, an option will appear to Add New Patient.
  • Under Patients in Practice Portal, there’s an option to Add New Patient on the top-right corner of the page.

How do patients opt out of receiving text messages?

Patients can respond to text messages with “UNSUB” to opt out of receiving further text messages from this practice.

Can I receive text messages from phone numbers that are not associated with existing patients?

Yes.A patient record will be created with that phone number. You’ll have the option to update the patient details, including their name, after the first message is received.

What file types can I receive as attachments?

Practice Growth’s Text Messaging solution accepts the following file types:PDF, PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF; however, some mobile devices or carriers may not support sending all files supported by Practice Growth.

What supported file types can I send?

Outgoing attachments are not supported at this time.

Can I send messages in multiple languages?

Yes, you can send any text in any language. There is no translation service with this messaging feature.

Can I flag a conversation if I want to notify another staff member of the conversation?

Not currently, but we’re working on making this feature available in the future.

Can I archive conversations?

Not currently, but we’re working on making this feature available in the future.

Can I create a template for reusable messages ?

This feature should be available in Q4, 2021.

Can the practice download images for export into EMR?


Can the practice download text history for export into EMR?

No, We do not have download text functionality.

Can my practice set up an after hours autoresponder?

Not currently, but we’re working on making this feature available in the future.

Can practices located in Canada use our Text Messaging feature?

Not at this time. Our Text Messaging feature only supports practices located in the United States.

Does our Text Messaging feature work with international numbers?

Not at this time.Our Text Messaging feature only supports messaging with U.S. numbers.

Can I add links to Custom Shortcuts?

Yes, but try to keep them short because text messages will display the entire link.

Can I add graphics or emojis to Custom Shortcuts?

Not at this time, but we hope to add these capabilities in the future.

How many Custom Shortcuts can I add?

The default limit is 50.If you would like more, please let us know!

Can different staff personalize the same message?

There are two choices here.Individual staff can save Custom Shortcuts with their unique personalization, or different users can use a common Shortcut and add personalization prior to sending.

Can I edit System Shortcuts?

System Shortcuts are not editable, but can be edited once inserted into the text entry field.

Why is there a character limit on Shortcut titles?

The character limit ensures that full titles can be displayed within the menu.

Is there a character limit on Shortcut messages?

Not at this time, but keep in mind that most recipients will prefer short messages.

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