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Payment Velocity and Dashboard Charts

Updated: 03/04/2020
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The Payment Velocity gauge is on the upper right of the Practice Home window. It displays a single number to help you measure and improve the health of your practice. Located in the same area, are two dashboard charts: A/R Aging and Income Analysis. These charts provide a visual snapshot of accounts receivable aging and income collected.

The Payment Velocity gauge and A/R Aging and Income Analysis charts are viewable for users such as System Administrators, Billing Managers, Providers or custom users with permissions to Key Indicators Reports (applicable for billing company accounts and accounts created prior to May 9, 2016).

Payment Velocity

The Payment Velocity gauge displays a single number that measures how quickly your practice is paid by insurance companies and patients; it is the average number of days from the date of service to the date payments are posted.

  • For more information on how to use this feature to measure and improve the health of the practice, click What is Payment Velocity?.
  • To view the Days Revenue Outstanding Analysis report, click Full Report.

A/R Aging

The A/R Aging chart is viewable for Business Offices Users (e.g., System Administrators, Billing Managers) and provides a visual snapshot of accounts receivable aging.

  • To view the chart, click the button on the upper right of the Payment Velocity gauge. 
    • Dollars in A/R: The total dollar amount currently in accounts receivable. The dollar amounts reflect what has been billed and are awaiting payment.
    • Days in A/R: The average days in accounts receivable for amounts not yet received. 

Income Analysis

The Income Analysis chart is viewable for Medical Offices Users (e.g., Providers) and provides a visual snapshot of the income collected for several key periods of accounting activity.

  • To view the chart, click the button on the upper right of the Payment Velocity gauge. 
    • Dollars Collected: The total income amounts collected. 
    • Period: The total income collected during specific time frames; month to date, last month, quarter to date, and year to date
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