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Tebra Help Center

Calendar Views

There are four Calendar views: Daily, Workweek, Weekly and Monthly.

To view the calendar

Click Appointments on the top menu, select one of the calendar views or; click the Daily or Workweek calendar icon.

Use keyboard shortcuts to easily open the calendar views:

  • Daily Calendar (ctrl+shift+D)
  • Workweek Calendar (ctrl+shift+W)

a. Appointment: Each appointment will display patient name, appointment time, provider and status. 

b. Calendar: Use the calendar option to navigate to a specific date before creating an appointment. 

c. Navigation Button: Easily navigate back to today's date by clicking this button or use the shortcut of (ctrl+T). You can find this button on the daily and workweek calendar view. 

d. Service Location: Select the location to be scheduled for an appointment. 

e. Resource: See a list of resources for scheduling. Check one or more boxes to view multiple calendars at once. 

f. Actions button: Click here for additional appointment options. 

Right click over the appointment to view additional menu options or select a status for the appointment. 

Status indication colors are outlined below:

  • White - Scheduled, Confirmed, Tentative
  • Green - Check-In
  • Red - No-show, Rescheduled
  • Grey - Check-out, Seen

Daily Calendar

The Daily Calendar displays an entire day.

Workweek Calendar

The Workweek Calendar displays Monday-Friday.

Weekly Calendar

The Weekly Calendar displays Sunday-Saturday.

Monthly Calendar

The Monthly Calendar displays an entire month.

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