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Accounts Receivable Aging Report

What is the AR Aging Report?

  • Key report to assess the financial state of your practice
  • Shows how long invoices have been outstanding (aging) from payers, patients/ guarantors, employer groups and other entities. 

What are some key features to the AR Aging report?

(Customers like this report, because…)

  1. Shows who owes money (patient or payer).
  2. Shows how old the balance is (30-60-90-120+ days).
  3. Shows what claim each balance is from.
  4. Starting point to identify abnormal payment trends based on: payers, practice history, and standards.
  5. Holds data for the Payer Mix Summary which projects potential expected income revenue.

Can customize in home page to:

  1. Show credits >> possibly money that was applied incorrectly or balances not properly transferred.
  2. Show unapplied >> money that have been created in payments, but not yet applied to claims.


Show Aging By = Designates specific period end date.

  • Purpose is to take snapshot in time. No need, just change Show Aging By to get “month-end,” reports on an as-needed basis.

Provider = Shows report data by doctor

As Of = Gathers data of report that was updated by this As Of date.

  • Any date before the present may not have the most accurate data for activity may occur to show different data (claims may be billed and payments may be posted/created)

Payer Scenarios = Customizable to show balance for payer types.

Show/Hide Report Columns = Default to show all but Credit and Unapplied in AR Aging Summary.

  • Different columns when get to AR Aging by Insurance and AR Aging by Patient

AR Aging By Insurance

Click on Insurance blue link from AR Aging Summary

  • Breaks it down in more details showing each payer’s balance.
  • Click on Payer’s Name > Shows claim and patient name with balance.

AR Aging By Patient

Click on Patient blue link from AR Aging Summary

  • Breaks it down in more details showing each patient’s balance.
  • Click on patient name > show each balance per claim
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