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Most Commonly Used Diagnosis Codes Report

Report Purpose

The Most Commonly Used Diagnosis Code report provides you the ability to identify the most utilized (top 100) diagnosis codes in the practice.


Useful in identifying the most common condition(s) in the practice population. This is especially helpful in negotiating risk contracts and for negotiating reimbursement rates. In addition, this report can be used to compile the most commonly used ICD-9-CM codes for mapping to ICD-10-CM codes.

Common Use

This report is typically an on-demand report and generated as required by the practice for analysis.

Kareo PM Recommendation

Generate when negotiating risk contracts and determining the current morbidity of your patient population. This report will also be useful in the transition to ICD-10-CM.

To access and customize the Most Commonly Used Diagnosis Codes Report

  1. Click Reports > Productivity & Analysis > Most Commonly Used Diagnosis Codes.
  2. The top 100 diagnosis codes are displayed. Note that only the first diagnosis code on an encounter is counted.
  3. If desired, click Edit Filters to filter the reporting period by last three months or last year. Only the top 100 diagnosis codes are displayed.
  4. If desired, click Show/Hide Report Columns to further customize the output.

  • Rank: Ranking by the most frequent codes
  • #of Times Used: Frequency of occurrence
  • Diagnosis Code: ICD-9-CM Code
  • Official name: ICD-9-CM Code description
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