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Rendering Physician is Required


Rejection Message

Rendering Physician is Required

Rejection Details

This rejection indicates the provider is credentialed under a Group NPI with the payer but are billing the claim under the Individual NPI (which removes the Rendering NPI loop from the ANSI file when submitting electronically).


Please contact the payer to verify how the provider is credentialed to bill this payer and update settings within Kareo appropriately.

If necessary, follow the instructions below to set up a claim override for the provider in order to bill to the payer as group:

  1. Click Settings > Providers. The Find Provider window opens.
  2. Look for and open the provider record. The Edit Provider window opens.
  3. Click on the Claim Settings tab.
  4. Click Add. The Override Claim Setting window opens.
  5. Click Insurance Company. The Select Insurance Company window opens.
  6. Look for and select the insurance company.
  7. Change the NPI drop-down to Bill with Group and Individual NPI.
  8. (If necessary) Click “Override NPI” if a different Individual NPI needs to be entered.
  9. Click Save all the way out (multiple saves may be required).

Then, rebill and resubmit all affected claims.