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Proof of Timely Filing

Updated: 09/29/2022
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Generate a proof of timely filing (POTF) document in the Desktop Application (PM) for a claim submitted electronically to the Trizetto clearinghouse. 

Important Notes:

  • POTF cannot be generated for claims that were billed on paper.
  • POTF can only be generated if the claim successfully submitted to the clearinghouse and received a tracking number.
  • Timely filing requirements varies by payer, reach out to the payer for specific time frames.
  • This feature is not available for accounts formerly managed by Kareo Managed Billing (KMB).

Print Proof of Timely Filing

  1. Find the claim then double click to open. The Edit Claim window opens.
  2. Click Action Proof of Timely Filing. The Proof of Timely Filing window opens.
    • If there are multiple tracking numbers, select the tracking number for the date of submission needed.
  1. Once the Proof of Timely Claims Filing document generates, click Print. The Print dialog box opens then print the document using the computer's print function.

If there are multiple claims associated with the encounter, repeat these steps for each claim as necessary. 



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