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Electronic Case Reporting FAQs

Updated: 10/30/2023|Views: 378

Answers to the most common Electronic Case Reporting questions.

Question Answer
What is Electronic Case Reporting? Healthcare providers are required by law to report roughly 100 different reportable conditions. Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) is the automated generation and transmission of case reports from EHRs to public health agencies for review and action.
How does a provider submit ‘reportable conditions’ to a public health agency? In order for providers to submit reportable conditions (e.g., COVID-19), the provider must be registered with their state’s Public Health Agency, have an Updox Direct Message email, and be registered with AIMS.

Once they are enrolled, Tebra facilitates the transmission of data between Tebra, AIMS, and the public health agency to ensure case records are being sent correctly.

After that, the provider is live and Tebra automatically updates AIMS with the latest case reports, when a reportable condition is noted in the chart.

The public health agency will review the case report and return a message showing the status of the case and whether or not additional action should be taken.
Who is Updox? Updox is a third-party vendor that Tebra uses to send Secure Direct Messages. It is used to send and receive referrals and send and receive eCR messages.

Review Set Up Direct Messaging to set up direct messaging with Updox.
Who is AIMS? AIMS is a platform used by the CDC for routing case reports to the appropriate public health agency.
Where can I find the messages from the public health agency? Reporting Response (RR) messages are messages that are sent to the provider from the public health agency. These messages are available on the Electronic Case Reporting Dashboard.
Does Tebra support Electronic Case Reporting for Promoting Interoperability? Yes. Tebra supports Electronic Case Reporting Submission.  

Note: Keep all supporting documentation for audit purposes.
How does a provider get started? There are multiple phases that each provider may or may not go through. This is dependent on the requirements and processes of each public health registry. The phases include the following:
  1. Contact the public health agency and the CDC:
    1. Inform each agency of your intent to submit electronic case reporting data to them
    2. Obtain all the required information from them, including the contact name and phone number of the person who will be working on your request
  2. Contact Tebra:
    1. Create a Customer Care case and provide information received from the public health agency, including name & phone number of their contact
  3. Complete Enrollment and Testing:
    1. A Tebra specialist communicates with the contact at the public health agency to complete the enrollment process
    2. The specialist works with the provider to complete testing with the public health agency and AIMS
How do I know which public health agency to contact? Connect with your appropriate PHA to register your intent. Public Health Agencies are listed on the following CDC website: Appendix IV - State and Local Public Health Readiness for Interoperability.
How do I contact the CDC? Contact the eCR Onboarding Team at to express interest and receive onboarding materials (e.g., eCR Provider Intake Form, eCR Facility List Template)
Is there a fee? This service is included with Clinical subscription. However, some states may charge a provider directly. Please contact the appropriate public health agency for more information.
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