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Set Up Direct Messaging

Updated: 09/28/2023|Views: 39355

Direct Message is a secure electronic messaging system that enables transmission of protected health information (PHI) when referring a patient to other authenticated providers. Upon initiating the first referral, you will be prompted to set up Direct Message and authentication with Updox. If you need assistance with the set-up process, contact Updox Support.

Access Direct Message Setup

  1. Create and document the clinical note as necessary.
  2. Click Care Coordination and select Send Referral. The Send a referral pop-up window opens.
  3. Click Send Message. The Direct Message setup pop-up window opens.

Create Domain Name

If this is the Direct Message initial setup for the practice, create a practice-wide domain name.

  1. Enter the practice name without spaces to create a Direct Message account for the practice.
  2. Click Continue. The create username pop-up window opens.

Create Username

  1. Enter a username without spaces.
  2. Click Continue. The Complete Setup pop-up window opens.

Direct Message Authentication

A one-time authentication process must be completed by a legal representative of the practice. Once completed, the authentication is applied to the entire practice.

  1. Click Authenticate. The Direct Trust Activation page opens.
  2. Review the information and click I Accept to agree to the terms. The Experian User Agreement opens.
  3. Review the information and click I Accept to agree to the terms. The Updox enrollment form opens.
  1. Complete the enrollments form.
    • Business Name: The practice name auto-populates as it displays in Tebra.
    • Business EIN: Enter the practice's EIN
    • Healthcare Category: Select a category from the drop-down. Then, click to attest that the selected category is correct.
    • Business Address: Enter the address if the practice.
    • Personal Information: Enter the first, middle (optional), last name, suffix (optional), and enter the home address of the legally-authorized representative.
    • Individual NPI or Social Security Number: Select the ID Type and enter the corresponding number.
    • Personal Telephone or Knowledge Question: Select the ID Type and enter the phone number or answer the questions pulled from Experian.
    • Phone Number: Enter a phone number where the legally-authorized representative can be contacted immediately and click Call Me. They will receive a phone call that provides the Confirmation Code and be prompted to verbally record a confirmation that they are an authorized representative of the practice.
    • Confirmation Code: Enter the confirmation code provided on the call.
  2. Click Verify Identity when all sections shows ready to be submitted. A confirmation pop-up window displays.
  3. Click Yes to confirm submission. A confirmation window opens and the enrollment process is complete.
    • If the verification process fails, the error message Not Valid displays. Click the question icon next to the error message for more details. Then, make corrections in the form and click Try Again to proceed.
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