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Publish or Remove Patient Review

Updated: 12/05/2023|Views: 2623

With instant updates of patient survey results and online reviews, Engage makes it easy to monitor the practice's digital reputation. After patients completes their survey, public testimonials and private feedback details can be accessed from the Surveys & Reviews page. The practice can review the details and determine if action items are required (e.g., contact the patient, publish star rating or reviews, etc.).

Public reviews are automatically published to the provider profile. If applicable, the practice can remove the review from the provider profile if the review violates the Terms of Service (TOS). Private feedback are available for internal review only. The practice can review the feedback to determine if additional action items are required or publish the star rating.

Review Patient Experience: Tebra Reviews to learn more about the patient's experience completing a Tebra survey.

Available for Engage subscribers.

Access Surveys & Reviews

  1. Hover over the Engage icon and click on Surveys & Reviews. The Surveys & Reviews page opens.

Publish Patient Review

If applicable, publish a patient's public review to the provider provider or publish the overall star rating from a private feedback.

  1. Click View Review. The Patient Survey pop-up window opens.
  2. Review the details, which may vary based on the patient's submission of a public review or private feedback.
  3. Click Publish on Profile. A confirmation message displays. The review is now published under the Testimonial section of the provider profile.

Remove Patient Review

Remove the review from the provide profile when the review violates the Terms of Service. Posted content may violate the TOS if it is offensive, threatening, discriminatory, harmful, or it contains personal or fraudulent information.

Once the review is removed, the practice cannot republish the review.

  1. Click View Review. The Patient Survey pop-up window opens.
  2. Click Remove from profile. The Removal Acknowledgement pop-up window opens.
  1. Review the acknowledgement. Then, click Remove from profile to confirm that the review violates the TOS.
    • If the review does not violate the TOS, click Cancel to return to the Surveys & Reviews page.
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