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Change Password

Updated: 06/23/2023|Views: 4023

You can change the existing password associated with your login email from the web application.

To successfully change your own password, you must have access to the email inbox associated with your login email. If you don't have access to the inbox, the practice's System Administrator can change your user's email address to a valid email and set a temporary password in Edit User for you to reset.

Access Forgot Password

  1. Open an internet browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. 
  2. Type in the top address bar and press Enter on your keyboard. The Tebra login page opens.
  3. Click I've forgotten my username or password!. The Forgot your password? page open. 

Change Password

  1. Enter the email address associated with your  username.
  2. Click Continue. The password reset email is sent to your inbox.
  1. Once the reset password email is received, click Reset your Kareo password. The Reset your Kareo Password page opens.
  1. Enter the New Password and re-enter to Confirm New Password.
  2. Click Save. The New password set page opens.
  3. Click Sign Into Kareo. The login page opens.
  4. Enter the email address associated with your username and your new password.
  5. Click Sign In. The Dashboard opens.
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