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Connect: Custom Phone Tree Audio FAQs

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 172

This latest update enables practices to access the messages associated with their phone tree, listen to the default audio messages, upload custom audio files for these messages, and revert back to the default audio messages.

What is the benefit of this enhancement?

Practices can better communicate with their patients and provide an excellent experience

Use Cases

  • A customer with patients who primarily speak another language can upload dual-language recordings
  • A customer who feels the default audio sounds too robotic can upload recordings using their own voice or a preferred voice.
  • A customer who feels the default audio doesn’t pronounce their practice name as they would prefer can upload a custom audio file tailored to their preferences.

How It Works

Under Call-to-Text select Custom Messages

Depending on which phone tree is active for your practice, the Messages tab will display a list of audio and text messages associated with that phone tree.  Your practice can then choose to view or edit those messages by selecting that message’s edit icon.

On the individual message page, the user can listen to the current audio by clicking the play button and can reference the script in the text box next to the audio player if they wish to make their own recording.

FAQs for Customers

Is there additional cost associated with this feature?

No. It is a part of PatientPop Connect: Call-to-Text

What are the audio file format requirements for custom recordings?

This feature accepts only .mp3 audio files.

How do I upload a new custom recording?

  1. Navigate to the Messages tab
  2. Click the edit button for the message you would like to customize.
  3. On the Edit Message page, click the Upload Custom button
  4. On the Upload New Message dialogue, drag or click to upload your audio file.
  5. Close the Upload Custom Audio File dialog
  6. You may revert to the default audio at any time by clicking the “Revert to Default” button

How long does it take for a new recording to reflect on the phone tree?

Completed uploads should take a few seconds to be reflected in the phone tree, no more than a full minute.

Can I record a new audio file directly from the Dashboard?

No, .mp3 audio files must be recorded separately, then uploaded to the dashboard.

Can I change the audio file once I’ve uploaded it?

This feature allows you to revert to the default audio, and upload a new audio file.  There is no limit to the number of times you can update the audio file for a given message.

How do I create an .mp3 audio file?

  1. Open the native sound recorder on your computer.
  2. Using your computer’s built-in microphone or an external mic for better sound, record your audio.
  3. If you are unable to save your file in .mp3 format, then save it in the default format and convert the file to .mp3 format using an audio converter.  A popular free choice is:
    • Audacity for Windows
    • Audacity for Mac
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