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New Call Tracking Experience

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 208

Starting January 2023, Practice Growth customers will now have a more unified experience for patient communication by consolidating call tracking to the phone number used on their web profiles which will provide support for calls and text messaging. Once Practice Growth Connect is enabled in the dashboard, practices will be able to customize and personalize how patients reach their practice.

What’s included in this release?

The call tracking phone number on a practice website will change to match the practice’s call tracking number on their web profiles.

Practices will now be able to more seamlessly activate Practice Growth Connect to provide for greater customization in how patients reach your practice, whether by call or text message, and what recordings they hear when they call your practice.

Does this need to be enabled by the customer?

  • No, call tracking numbers on practice websites will automatically update to match the existing web profile number.

How it works

  • The phone number used for call tracking on practice websites will be updated automatically.
  • This phone number is typically accessed by website visitors via the ‘Call Us’ CTA button, the Contact Us page, or at the bottom of certain website designs.
  • The number will be updated in every location that it appears on a practice website and will be the same as their web profile call tracking number.
  • Call tracking numbers currently used on practice websites will still be able to direct calls up until 1/31/2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a tool that allows us to quantify the success of your online presence by determining how many people are finding your practice through your website and web profiles

Why did the phone number on my website change?

Practice Growth has upgraded your call tracking system to allow for greater functionality and ease of use. The update means that you will now only have one call tracking number which is the same one that is currently on your web profiles, like Google.

What will happen to my current website call tracking number?

Your current website call tracking number will still direct patients to your office phone line until 1/31/2023. After that time it will no longer be active.

Will there be any change to how patients can reach my practice?

After the change, patients will still be directed to your true practice phone line via the call tracking phone number on your website which will now match the call tracking number used on your web profiles or other campaigns. There is no change to functionality for your practice.

Will this affect my performance?

No, this change will not have any effect on your performance.

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