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Phone Tree and Call-To-Text FAQs

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 383

Call-to-text is our new phone tree solution, which is replacing our prior call tracking functionality on DialogTech. Our new solution has all the same functionality of call tracking with additional features such as enabling your patients to connect with your practice via text.

Call-to-Text features allow your callers to convert a call to a text and will work on top of your existing phone service. When a patient calls your number, they will have the option to connect with your practice via text, which can reduce call volume and provide greater convenience!

How do patients convert phone calls to text?

When calling from a cell phone, they choose an option from the phone menu and we send an automatic message to get the conversation started.

Who answers texts?

The Call-to-Text feature facilitates a conversation between patients and your front office. It is your office’s responsibility to respond to messages in a timely manner.

Can I customize the menu?

Customization is currently not available but we are working to provide an option in the near future.

Are there multiple phone tree options?

Yes, We have multiple phone tree options. Please follow the instructions outlined below to select the phone tree solution that best suits the needs of your practice.

If we don’t want to use Call-to-text, can we still opt in to call tracking?

Yes. Please follow the Phone Tree transition instructions below to activate the option that best suits the needs of your practice.

Can we have both Call-to-text and Call tracking?

Call-to-Text serves as our new phone tree solution and replaces our former call tracking system, DialogTech, with additional capabilities that can help streamline your practice’s workflow. In essence, both features will work in tandem.

  1. Navigate to the Inbox tab of your Practice Portal
  2. Activate Web-to-Text by selecting ‘Get Started’ and ‘Enable Text Messaging’.
  3. Activate Call-to-Text by navigating to ‘Demo Call-to-Text‘ and select the “More Options” link within the section, which will allow you to select from one of our four tailored phone tree solutions and test out the experience.
  4. Finally, complete the ‘Activate Call-to-Text’ workflow below to confirm the update. Please note, this step can be completed only after activating the Web-to-Text feature.

Please consult the detailed instructions and visual prompts provided under the ‘Phone Tree Transition’ section below.

Can I route phone call options to other numbers?

Customers can direct phone calls from one location to another location.

Will activating this change my phone number on my website and profiles?

Call-to-Text feature compliments your existing phone service. Once activated we will replace the current voice only enabled call tracking number with a new number that can support text and phone. If you elect for a phone tree option with texting, this will ensure your patients can now text or call you using the same number.

Can people still call my actual phone number?

Yes, if they call your direct line they will circumvent Call-to-Text and it will ring directly to your front office.

Do you have any automatic responses?

Not yet! but we are working on it.

Is an email required for a practice to text a patient?

Practices do not need an email to text a patient.

Can I activate call-to-text and web-to-text at a later time after I have disabled web-to-text/call-to-text features?

Yes, Call-to-text can be enabled from Practice Settings > Communication > Call-to-text settings

Web-to-text can be enabled from Practice Settings > Website > Widgets

After Hours Reply:

How do I set my hours?

Hours are set by your regular location hours. You can access this under the Practice settings (gear icon in the bottom of the sidebar).

I have a part-time location, can I route their after hours calls to another location?

Yes you can! You can change the after hours routing to another location when you activate.

What will the after hours response say?

[Practice Name]: To book online, please visit [booking URL]
(if your practice has online booking or an appointment request form)
Or, reply with: Your full name and your question.We will get back to you during office hours

Can I customize the after hours message?

At this time you cannot customize the message, but be on the lookout for that as an add-on in coming months.

What are the prerequisites for enabling Connect?

To enable Connect, make sure your practice has filled out the following locations’ information:

  • Practice URL
  • Location phone number
  • Location office hours

Why is our phone tree directing the callers to the closed office IVR even though the office is open?

This occurs if the office hours in PPadmin are incorrect. Please check if the ‘From’ and ‘To’ for each day has values, even if your practice is using a text option for your website. For example, the below practice uses a text option but they still have ‘From’ and ‘To’ hours.

Can I customize the menu?

Menu customizations can be facilitated on an ad-hoc basis. Reach out to your Practice Success Team to request a custom IVR option.

Will we have separate phone numbers for profile and website?

At this time, customers will only have one phone number for profile and website per location but be on the lookout for that as we will add this feature soon.

Can we request a specific area code for Call-to-text?

Not currently: the number will be picked based on the area code of their practice number: Twilio tries to get the number in the same area code – but if it could not – picks the next best option.

Can we keep our call tracking numbers if we ever leave Practice Growth?

Yes, you should be able to take your number with the manual assistance of our Support Team.

Can we switch back to the old call tracking system?

No, once your practice switches to Twilio, our new system, you will not be able to move back to Dialogtech. However, we are confident that our updated system will provide a more streamlined and fluid experience for your practice!

Phone Tree Transition:

Multiple Phone Tree Options: Multiple Phone Menus are now available when activating Connect, and in the Settings page in the Practice Portal once activation is complete.

New Practices can select More Options during their Practice Growth Connect Setup and will look to CS during onboarding and after the service is activated to help them determine the best choice for their practice.

To do this, select More Options and then select a Phone Menu.

  1. Recommended allows practices to benefit from all of Practice Growths call features.
    • This should be recommended for all practices
  2. All day allows practices to turn off the After hours phone menu because staff answer phones during the day, and a service takes calls after hours.
    • This should be suggested to practices that have staff or an answering service 24 hours a day.
  3. Limited allows practices to turn off scheduling or rescheduling appointments by text.

This is recommended for:

  1. Practices that have a separate phone tree on top of their current phone system
  2. Practices that do not want scheduling/rescheduling via text
  3. Practices that do not want a long phone menu and feel a long phone menu is not personal
  4. Call Tracking allows practices to turn off all features but still provides call tracking.

This is recommended for:

Practices that do not want to offer texting when a patient calls. The only call option is to identify as a new or returning patient

  • Practices who want to migrate from current call tracking from Dialog tech
  • Once a selection is made it will take a few minutes to update. During this time you are able to return to the setup page to view the status.

If a customer is already set up:

  1. Go to Settings in the practice portal
  2. Select Communication and Call-to-Text
  3. Select the Select phone menu options link
  4. Follow the steps above.


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