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Practice Phone Number Verification FAQs

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 128

In effort to help create a fully-verified U.S. messaging ecosystem as required by all major U.S. telecommunications carriers, Effective July 5, 2023, all SMS and MMS messages sent to U.S. phone numbers using 10DLC phone numbers must become registered. Messages sent using unregistered phone numbers will be subject to a gradual increase of message blocking, beginning on July 5, 2023, ultimately leading to a full block of all unregistered U.S.-bound messages sent after August 31, 2023.

Please note, it may take days to weeks for registration to become ‘approved.’ Therefore, all practices need to submit their information for verification by Jun 15, 2023 to avoid SMS messages being blocked later.

Q1: Why is this happening?

The US regulations have recently passed new laws to make telecommunications, like messaging over SMS, more secure and trusted. For this to happen, Mobile Network Operators (ex: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.), have come together to create a central place to store data on who is using their networks and for what purpose; otherwise known as The Campaign Registry (TCR). In order to get appropriately registered and verified, all organizations using the SMS feature are now required to provide their EIN number, company type, and business type.

Q2: How was I informed about this?

On January 5, 2023, you were notified with further information about this registration process through email and a notification on your Practice Growth (i.e joint customers) dashboard and/or pop-up messaging in your Message Center.

Q3: Why do I need to do this and what is the impact if I don’t?

In order to meet the The Campaign Registry (TCR) requirements per the Mobile Network Operators , each business has to   get appropriately registered and verified. This means that all organizations using the SMS feature are now required to provide their EIN number, company type, and business type. This is occurring across all businesses and carriers. If this information is not provided, then businesses with SMS capabilities will be limited in the monthly SMS they are able to send.

Q4: Will there be a fee?

Customers have two opportunities to submit and verify their information. In the event that the submitted information does not match the practice’s IRS Statement during the first attempt, the submission will be unsuccessful, and customers will be prompted to resubmit. However, if the information still doesn’t match after the second attempt, customers will incur a fee.

Q5: Is verification immediate?

Please note that the verification process may take several days to weeks to complete. Your status will be regularly updated in the inbox banner, and if additional information is required, Tebra will contact you directly. Due to the length of this process, it is crucial all practices complete the information by Jun 15, 2023 to avoid SMS being blocked. Your status will be updated in the inbox banner. Tebra will reach out to you if more information is needed.

Description: Upon submitting your entry, a banner will immediately appear, and it will remain visible until your entry has been either approved or rejected (again, this could take days to weeks). This banner serves as a visual indicator of the status of your submission throughout the verification process.

Q6: What happens if my verification fails

In the event of a verification failure, you will be alerted by a red urgent icon located in your navigation bar, specifically next to your inbox (pictured below). Once you open your inbox, a resubmission modal will appear, displaying the necessary steps to resubmit your information. The modal will provide clear instructions on how to rectify the verification issue. Please be aware that in the event of a failed first attempt, you will have an additional opportunity to submit your information at no additional cost. However, any subsequent attempts beyond the second one will be subject to a fee.

Q7: Why did my verification fail?

The most frequent causes of verification failure are when the business name or practice EIN# does not precisely match the information on your IRS Statement. If you are confident that your provided information is accurate, please contact our support team to seek assistance. They will help you to submit a case through TCR.

Q8: When will I know that verification has been approved?

 Your status will be updated in the inbox banner. If your verification fails, you will be notified via the banner located in your inbox.

Description: Upon becoming approved, you will see this banner. No further action will be needed on your part, and you have successfully completed the verification process.

Q9: What information do I need in order to complete this task?

  • Practice EIN number
  • Practice name spelling as outlined in the IRS letter
  • Business Type
  • Company Type

Q10: Who from my practice should complete this task?

Any staff member from your practice who possesses login credentials for Practice Growth will have the ability to complete this task. It is important to note that while all employees will be able to view the submission process, only one person needs to complete it on behalf of the practice. Once the initial submission has been successfully made, the status will be updated to “pending” on all other computers within your practice. To ensure the updated status is visible, you may need to refresh your browser.

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