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What is call tracking with Practice Growth?

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 141

Call tracking is a tool that allows us to identify where people who call your practice are finding you online, whether via your website or an online profile (such as Google My Business or Yelp). Call tracking also helps us determine whether a caller is a returning patient, a new patient, or a person with a general inquiry. With call tracking, you’re able to see which kinds of patients are calling you displayed in the Practice Growth platform.

What are the benefits of call tracking?

Call tracking provides valuable insight into who is calling your practice and how they found you online. Call tracking also gives you visibility into Practice Growth’s effectiveness at attracting new patients to your practice, as seen in the image below. Our team also uses this information to improve your online marketing program and help you see more results.

Can I use my current phone number for call tracking?

Your current phone number cannot be used for call tracking for two reasons:

  1. We must list different numbers on the website and on your online profiles in order to track how patients are finding you online.
  2. Call tracking utilizes Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which is an automated phone system that answers a call, asks qualifying questions to callers, and routes calls according to the answers. It’s unlikely that your current phone number has the capabilities necessary for IVR.

We create new phone numbers that forward to your office line. You will not lose any caller data by adopting this system.

Can I choose a specific phone number for call tracking?

We use phone numbers that correspond to your healthcare practice’s area code. We do not have the option of selecting specific numbers.

What does the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system say to callers?

IVR greets callers and then prompts them to categorize themselves as returning patients, new patients, or general inquiries by dialing 1, 2, or 3. IVR then routes the calls to your practice.

Callers who identify themselves as new or returning patients will be recorded into your Practice Growth dashboard.
Example of call tracking results as displayed in the Practice Growth platform.

Can I change what the IVR system says?

You can personalize your message to callers as long as it does not detract from the purpose of call tracking, which is to categorize the people calling your practice as returning patients, new patients, or general inquiries.

To change your IVR system recording, send us a .wav file of what you would like the recording to be. We will review your message and — pending any issues — upload it to your account.

What is the automated voice my staff hears before each call?

The automated voice you hear prior to speaking with a caller is the IVR system. What you hear depends on the number the caller selected when they first dialed in.

  • If the caller pressed 1, they are a returning patient. You will hear, “Returning patient calling from Practice Growth.”
  • If the caller pressed 2, they are a new patient. You will hear, “New patient calling from Practice Growth.”
  • If the caller pressed 3, they have a general inquiry. You will hear, “General inquiry from Practice Growth.”

The caller does not hear the automated voice. Answer the phone as you normally would after hearing the automated voice.

Can I remove the IVR system and still have call tracking?

Call tracking is only effective if we can prompt callers to identify themselves as returning patients, new patients, or general inquiries. We must use the IVR system in order to do this.

Why do I have a different phone number on my website and online profiles?

We use different phone numbers to track whether a person calls you via your website or an online profile. All phone numbers will route to your practice’s phone line.

Can I add on an extension that leads to another line?

We do not currently support the ability to add an extra extension directing to a different phone number.

Can I keep the numbers if I end my contract with Practice Growth?

If you decide to end your service with Practice Growth, any number you would like to keep is available to you.

To keep a specific number, you must contact your practice’s phone provider prior to the end of your Practice Growth contract. Your phone provider will initiate the port of the phone number.

Practice Growth does not charge for this service, but your phone provider might. Check with the phone provider before initiating the process to avoid an unexpected bill.

If you have additional questions regarding call tracking, contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

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