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Digital Registration and Form Editor FAQs

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 454

Patient intake is a clunky experience for both the patient and practice: the patient has to come in early, fill out a bunch of paperwork, hand it back to the front office staff, and then wait for the information to be verified and input. This may produce inaccurate data and long wait times.

With Digital Registration, patients can fill out a simple, mobile friendly, HIPAA-compliant intake form right after booking their appointment.

What is it

  • Patient registration template
  • Form editor

Practice Growth provides a patient registration template that captures the following patient information, including:

  • Appointment information
  • Reason for visit
  • Patient information
  • Emergency contact
  • Medical history
  • Insurance information

The form is fully configurable, so you can add and delete questions and entire sections. Once published, all patients that book online will receive an email to complete the form prior to their appointment. This information is then available to you on the Appointment Details page in the Practice Portal.


Where can I find the form editor?

On the left hand menu, click Patients. You’ll see the child item Digital Registration – click into that page.

Where do I find the filled out form?

Click on the Appointments in the left hand menu. On the appointment card, there’s a paperclip icon if the patient has filled out the form. When clicking into the Details of that appointment, you’ll notice two tabs: the Patient Registration tab is where the form information can be found.

Alternatively, you can find the forms in the Patient Details page. To access this page, click on Patients in the left hand menu > click View on a patient card.

Are forms mobile friendly?

Yes, they can be viewed and filled out on any device.

What if I have my own intake forms?

You have two options:

  • Add any questions you’d like patients to answer that aren’t on the predefined template
  • Disable the form under the Settings tab. This will ensure that patients aren’t directed to fill this form out after booking an appointment.

What if I am using my EMR’s patient portal?

Some EMRs provide a robust patient portal that allows patients to fill out their own patient chart. Because we do not offer EMR/PMS integration just yet, your practice would be better off continuing to use the EMR’s digital registration system.

Can I import forms from another 3rd party vendor (e.g. Google Forms, JotForm, IntakeQ, etc.)?

No. But you can add the same questions using the form editor.

Is Practice Growth digital registration HIPAA compliant?

Practice Growth digital registration is compliant with HIPAA requirements. The information provided through the form is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Can I use the digital registration form to collect financial information, social security information, or credentials?

We do not recommend collecting the following information:

  • Financial information
  • Social security number
  • Third-party username, password, and other credentials

By collecting this information, you are releasing Practice Growth from liability and indemnifying Practice Growth, its employees, officers, and agents from any and all claims.

What if an appointment is not reflected in the Practice Portal, for example, if they booked over the phone and I scheduled them directly in our unintegrated EMR?

You can send that patient an email directly from the Patient details page (Click Patients on the left hand menu > View patient > Send Intake Form).

Can I send a link to the form via text?

You can copy a link from the Patient Registration Form settings page and paste it into a text message.

  • (Click Patients on the left hand menu > click Digital Registration > open the Patient Registration form > click Copy)

The Send Intake Form on the Patient Details page is not working.

The Send Intake Form requires for your device to have a default email client installed (e.g. MailOS, Outlook). If you are using a web-based email client, such as Gmail, you need to ensure that you configure your browser and web-based email client settings.

Please refer to the following documentation:

Can I save as a new form?

Not yet. Eventually, you will be able to build a new form from a predefined template or from scratch.**

Can someone from Practice Growth help me edit the form?

We do not yet offer white-glove support for the form editor. If you are having problems with the editor, please refer to the question mark in the bottom right hand corner. If you are still having trouble, please contact Support.

Can I use the form editor to create other forms?

Not yet. Eventually, practices will be able to create a form from scratch and pick from multiple predefined templates.

Can I set up different registration forms for new patients vs. returning patient appointments?

Not yet.

Can I add images for patients to view on my form?

Not yet.

Can Practice Growth write back to my EMR/PMS?

Not yet.

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