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How to use the digital registration form editor

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 219

With Digital Registration, patients can fill out a simple, mobile friendly, HIPAA-compliant intake form right after booking their appointment.

The forms are fully configurable, so you can add and delete questions and entire sections. Once published, all patients that book online will receive an email to complete the form prior to their appointment. This information is then available to you on the Appointment Details page in the Practice Portal.

Included with Foundation Pro

Editing your form

  1. Under Patients > Digital Registration, click into the Patient Registration tile in the Form gallery.
  2. On the Settings page, you’ll find…
    • Name of registration form: This will rename the tile in the form gallery
    • Instructions (Optional): You can change the instructions that patients see when directed to fill out your form
    • The enable/disable toggle allows you to turn this specific form on and off. Disabling the form will remove the link form from all patient facing communication
    • With the Copy link button, you can manually text or email a patient a link to this form.
  3. On the Content page, you’ll find the form builder. Here you can…
    • Add questions and sections to the form using the Add Form Item button
    1. Edit questions and sections by clicking on the card
  4. Once you’re done customizing the form, you can preview it as if you were a patient by clicking Preview Form.
    1. If you are happy with your changes, click Publish Form.

Sending patients your form

  1. Patients that booked an appointment using the Practice Growth booking widget will be shown a link to the form in 3 places:
    • Directly after booking the appointment
    • In the appointment request email
    • In the appointment reminder email
  2. Patients that booked from elsewhere can be sent a link to the digital registration from two places
    • The Patient Details page
      • If there is already a form associated with the patient, then they will receive a link to fill out returning patient form
    • The Form Settings page

Viewing completed forms

Once a patient submits the digital registration form, you can view, download, and print forms from two places:

  1. The Appointment Details page
  2. The Patient Details page
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