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Signature Fields in Forms

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 410

Signature is a field type that can be used in the Form builder. When Signature(s) are included in the form, the applicable person will “sign” by typing their name.  Once entered, the name entered in the Signature field will be used and displayed where entered on the form.

Key Benefits

  • Supports multiple signatures and the ability for someone other than the patient to sign i.e. the parent or guardian of a patient who is a minor
  • The form builder will exactly match form completion by patient.
  • Description in the Signature field will be included when previewing and printing a completed form.

How it works

  1. Sign into the Practice Growth dashboard
  2. Click on Patients
  3. Click on Forms
  4. Click on the edit button for a form or select ‘+ Create Form’ if you want to create a new form
  5. Click on + Add Field and click on Signature
  6. A Signature field will be automatically added to the bottom of your form
    • Multiple signature fields can be added by repeating step 5
    • Click on the six dots at the top right to drag the field to a preferred location
  7. Edit the question and placeholder text
    • Question’ is the title or prompt above the signature field
    • ‘Placeholder’ is the text that will show in the signature field
  8. Check ‘Has Description’ to provide additional context
    • The Question and Description text will display with the signature when viewed in the portal and the printable format (See below)
  9. The Signature field will be designated as required by default
  10. If the form is already enabled, click Update
    • The signature field will be automatically included in the form for patients to fill out when an appointment is requested
  11. If the form is disabled, click on Save to save the current version of the form
  12. Click the preview button to view the latest saved version of the form
  13. Click Save & Publish
    • Save & Publish will enable the form for use by patients when an appointment is requested
  14. Once a form using the Signature field is submitted the ‘Question’ and ‘Description’ text will display alongside the signature in the portal and printable file.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this be automatically added to existing forms?

No.  The Signature field would have to be added to any existing forms.

Can multiple Signatures be added to a form?

Yes. Use the form builder to place as many signatures that are needed throughout the form.  If multiple signatures, the label, placeholder,  & description can be used to direct the person(s) signing the form.

Is the Description included when a completed form is printed or saved as a PDF?

Yes. Given it is a signature field, we expect the description to be important; therefore, printed and PDF versions will include the description.

Can the font on the “signature” be changed?

No. The font is a standard electronic representation of a signature and cannot be changed.

What date is printed with the Signatures?

The date that the form was submitted is used. As a result, the date will be the same for all signatures in the form.

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