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Respond to Reviews and Private Feedback

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 235

The Practice Growth Reputation management service has been expanded to include more than just review monitoring. We have added the ability to reply to reviews on Google via the Google My Business (GMB) API and send responses to feedback submitted privately to the practice.

FAQs for Customers

Where can Practices respond to reviews?

In the practice portal go to Reputation > Public Reviews or Reputation > Private Feedback. The option to reply will be shown when hovering over a review.

What Review Sources are supported?

Google and Private Feedback from the Website.

Do responses to Google Reviews post to their business listing on Google?

Yes, responses to Google Reviews will be posted through Google My Business to their business listing on Google.

How long will it take for the response to post to the business listing on Google?

Responses should post to the Google Business listing within moments.

How do responses to Private feedback get sent to the person that submitted the feedback?

After a reply has been submitted in the portal by clicking Send Reply, the response will open the default mail client with the response in an email draft. The reply and any responses to that reply will be via email and not handled directly by Practice Growth.

This allows the practice to make a conscious choice about using email to communicate to a patient. They should be aware of any privacy rules around the content they send as a result.

Can I see which reviews have already been responded to?

Yes. Reviews that have been responded to will be displayed with the response, date of response, and user who sent the feedback.

I made a mistake and need to edit or remove a response, can I do that?

Responses to Google reviews are editable. Those changes will appear on Google once submitted. Responses to private feedback are editable from the portal, but it doesn’t change any previously sent emails by the practice. Are edited or deleted responses updated through GMB?

Yes. When a response is updated or deleted in the portal that will be picked up and updated on GMB profiles.

Can I delete a review that is false or inflammatory instead of responding?

Deleting reviews in the portal will not delete the review on any third-party site. If the review remains on a third-party site, it may reappear in the Practice Growth Portal. See How to remove reviews from third party sites.

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