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Notification Preferences FAQs

Updated: 08/15/2023
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For customers with PatientPop Foundation Pro and Telehealth. With the introduction of virtual visits (and Waiting Room) along with text messaging, practices are able to configure how they would like to receive notifications about these events.

Notification Preferences FAQs

Where can I enter my mobile number and email address?

Find it under User Avatar > Profile Settings > User Information

Once a validly formatted email address or phone number has been entered, the information can be saved.

Where can I choose which events for which I would like to be notified?

Find it under User Avatar > Profile Settings > Notification Preferences

To change the preferences use the toggles for each medium and event. Note: at this time Text notifications are not available for “New Texts”, and Email notifications are not available for “Waiting Room” visitors.

How soon will I receive text messages for Waiting Room visitors?

As soon as a visitor enters the virtual waiting room, a text message will be sent to the mobile number for each user in the practice. This means that if there are multiple users within the same practice, that have set their preferences to receive these notifications, they will all receive the same notification.

Will I receive multiple notifications for the same visitor?

No, only one notification is sent per visitor, but the same notification will be sent to each individual set up to receive notifications within the practice.

How often will I receive email messages for new texts?

Twice per day, at 7:00 AM Pacific and 3:00 PM Pacific the system will run a check to see if there are any unread text messages. If either is detected, and the user has toggled this preference to receive the email messages, an email will be sent to the user prompting them to check the portal for the unread messages.

Can I change my preferences?

Yes, the preferences can be changed at any time and will take effect immediately upon saving.

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