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PatientPop Pro: The Patient Journey

Updated: 08/15/2023|Views: 101


What is PatientPop Pro?

Welcome to PatientPop Pro, a reliable and convenient way to deliver quality care and manage critical front office tasks from anywhere with communications and Telehealth features. Now that Pro has been enabled, the patient experience has been elevated.

What has changed about the patient journey?

Now that you have Pro, your dashboard includes some new features:

  1. Telehealth
  2. Digital Registration
  3. Email marketing campaigns

Each of these features comes with updates to your patient’s experience.


Patients can now book virtual appointments with your practice for greater convenience. When requesting an appointment through your Practice Growth website’s booking tool, they will have the option to select ‘Virtual Visit’ in addition to ‘In-person.’

At the time of their appointment, patients will use your unique virtual visit link to join your online waiting room. If they do not have the link, you can send it over email or using the text messaging feature in the dashboard.

If the patient books an online visit through the Practice Growth online booking tool…

They will be sent an email with the virtual visit link just prior to the time of their scheduled visit. In this case, the patient will bypass the normal sign in screen and be taken directly to your waiting room.

The special virtual waiting room link will be included in the day of reminder email and text message for all appointments booked prior to 2AM PST on the appointment date. Same-day appointments will not include the virtual visit link, and your practice will need to send this manually. To manually send the virtual visit link, navigate to Telehealth > Virtual Visits > Scheduled and then select the Send Reminder button to send the unique link.

If the visit is unscheduled or is booked over the phone…

You can send your patient the link to join your waiting room two different ways: email or messaging.

  • If sent over email, your patient will receive an Invitation to Virtual Visit, wherein they can click the link to join your waiting room.
  • If sent over messaging, the patient will click the link within the text to join your waiting room.
  • They will be asked to check in to the virtual waiting room.
  • They will then be taken to the waiting screen
  • And once you begin the call, their video will begin as well.
  • Once the visit is over, they can re-enter the waiting room or return to the homepage of the website.

Digital Registration

With Pro, when a patient books an appointment through Practice Growth (virtual or in-office) they will be sent a link to fill out a digital registration form. The form can be customized to suit your practice’s needs.

The patient will be notified of digital registration at a few key stages:

  1. Just before submitting additional appointment information
  2. Right after submitting their appointment
  3. When they receive their appointment confirmation email
  4. Once the patient clicks Complete Registration, they are taken to the digital registration section of your website.
  5. Once they submit their form, they will be redirected to the home page.

From messaging to virtual visits to digital registration with Pro, communication with your patients has never been smoother.

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