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Practice Growth Patients: Instruction Guide

Updated: 08/15/2023|Views: 273

Patients is a convenient place in the Practice Portal where practices can store patient contact information for easy communication through the Practice Portal. Practices can now access their patients’ contact info effortlessly from within the Practice Portal when sending a text message to a patient.

How does Patients work?

Patients allows your practice to create new patients and edit existing patients for an integrated communication experience within the Practice Portal. When sending a new text message, practices can easily search for patients by name, phone number or email addresses. Incoming text messages are received from existing patients will be identified accordingly.

How do I create a new Patient?

  1. In the Practice Portal, go to Patients
  2. Click the “+ New Patient” button in the upper right corner
  3. Enter patient contact details
  4. Click Save Patient

How do I edit a Patient?

  1. In the Practice Portal, go to Patients
  2. For the patient you wish to edit, click the “View” button
  3. On the Patient Page, click the “Edit Patient” button

Patients FAQs

Do I need to import patient info to get started?
No, you may manually enter patients for use with text messaging.

Can I upload a .csv of patients?
Not at this time, but we’re working on enabling this ability.

Can patient info be imported from appointment data?
When a new appointment is booked online, that patient’s info is automatically added to your contacts.  For past appointments, we will be importing that patient info into your contacts in the coming weeks.

Can patients be imported from my patient management system?
Not at this time, but we’re working on integrating patient data from leading patient management systems in the coming months.

Can I view appointment data from within my contacts?
Not at this time, but we’re working to implement this feature.

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