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Integrated Message Center – FAQs

Updated: 10/26/2023|Views: 219

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the integrated message center.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the phone number if the practice is no longer a Tebra customer?

It will go back into the database and could be resold to another business.

Can practices advertise their practice location number to receive text messages?

Yes, they can.

Will my business be assigned two numbers? A phone number and text number?

No, only one number will be used for both calls and texts per practice location.

Where do new leads come from?

Any time a patient messages the practice (or fills out a web-to-text form) and that phone number isn’t on file for a patient, the new lead is created with that phone number and contact info.

Please note:

  • If a patient fills out a Web-to-Text or the patient had a prior relationship with Practice Growth before they activated the Practice Operations integration, then in the integrated message center, the practice might see additional information.
  • The number is pulled from either whatever phone texted the practice location number or in the case of Web to Text, the number they filled out in the web form.
  • Web to Text currently requires First/Last/Phone/Email, so all Web to Text will have that information with the message in the Message Center.

What happens if someone dials that number?

They will hear the PatientPop call tree for the practice location.

How is this number generated/assigned? & where can I find it in the product?

This is set up in the Practice Growth dashboard during onboarding (after which, the practice shouldn’t need to get to it again). Practice Growth Dashboard -> Settings -> Communication -> Phone Numbers

Are the SMS text messages and emails sent via the Message Center secure?

Messages sent via the Message Center are not private. The Message Center should not be used to discuss private health matters. We recommend practices use the secure patient portal for all private health communication.

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