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Instructions to Update Office Hours

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 141

Update your office hours in five easy steps using your Practice Growth Portal:

  1. Sign in to your Practice Portal at
  2. Select the “gear” icon on the top navigation bar
  3. Select “Locations” and click on the pencil (edit) icon on the right side
  4. Update the hours for the location selected
  5. Select “Save”

Once you are done making changes to the operating hours, “Save” will publish this information to your practice website and to other associated web-based profiles.

Note: Changes to most location hours of operation may take up to 24 hours to propagate across your website and web profiles. Google My Business (GMB) updates may take up to 3 business days.

As a reminder, you can also find additional practice settings in the top right-hand corner of your Portal. By clicking on the avatar or down arrow, you can update your payment information, contact Support, review legal documentation such as our terms of service, and sign out.

If you encounter an error while updating your payment information, please reach out to our Customer Support team.

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