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Single Sign-On FAQs

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 162

Answers to the the most commonly asked questions about Single Sign-On (SSO).

What is SSO (Single Sign-On)?

Single Sign-On is a feature that allows joint customers to launch the Practice Growth (previously PatientPop) portal directly from their Practice Operations (previously Kareo) global navigation bar. Experience the value of the whole Tebra platform by launching your Practice Growth practice growth platform directly from Practice Operations.

What’s included in this release?

If you are presently a joint Practice Operations and Practice Growth customer, this enhancement provides you with the ability to link a Practice Growth account under the Engage module. This is a one-way only feature (Practice Operations to Practice Growth).

What is the benefit of this enhancement?

  •     Streamlines the experience for joint customers
  •     Improves efficiency by being able to log in faster from a single place

FAQs for Customers

Do I need to do anything to turn this on?

No; if you are a joint customer & your accounts are not already linked, the option to log into Practice Growth will appear under Engage, and will then prompt you to sign in to link your accounts.

Will all customers see the Practice Growth button?

No, only joint customers with a Practice Growth account will be able to see the button and access the link

Do I need to have Engage?


Is there any additional cost associated with this enhancement?


Once a Practice Operations user has linked accounts, will all users have access to the Practice Growth account through SSO?

Each staff member will have to link their respective Practice Operations & Practice Growth users – this will not apply universally to all users. Practice Growth supports multiple user profiles and SSO is not dependent on user roles on either side.

Will Practice Growth open as its own webpage, or is it built within Practice Operations?

Practice Growth will open in a new tab.

Can customers access Practice Operations from Practice Growth?

Not at this time.

Will joint customers who have Practice Growth be the only ones who can see the SSO option or will all customers be able to see it?

Yes, only joint customers will see the SSO option.

Does the customer need to have the same email and password for the SSO to work?

No, customers can maintain the same or different email/passwords.

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