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What happens when I cancel my subscription with Practice Growth?

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 448

After you have sent your Customer Success Manager a request to cancel your subscription and you’ve received a cancellation confirmation email, our Off-Boarding Team will begin the deactivation process.  Please read below to find out what the deactivation process entails.


Within 30 days of your cancellation request, your Practice Growth website will be deactivated. Practice Growth manages all customer websites on our proprietary content management system so for security purposes, we are unable to send your new web company a copy of your website. Due to this matter, please be sure that you have a new website in place before canceling your Practice Growth subscription.

Domain & Emails


If your domain was being managed by Practice Growth’s GoDaddy account, our Off-Boarding Team will send you instructions on how to transfer the domain to your new account. If you have your own GoDaddy account, we can transfer the domain immediately. For other web registrars, the Off-Boarding Team will provide you with an authorization code in order to accept the transfer.


If Practice Growth created emails on your behalf, our Off-Boarding Team will be providing you with instructions on how to migrate the emails over to your new email host.


Our Off-boarding Team will revert the web profiles back to their previous state before you joined with Practice Growth and will also send you the profile logins for any listing that we had access to and managed on your behalf.

Local Business Profiles

These are the 70+ local business profiles that were managed under the Practice Growth business account. Your practice will be removed from our business account which will now allow you or your new web company to claim the local profiles.

Healthcare Profiles

The healthcare profiles will also be removed from the Practice Growth business account. These profiles require that only physicians reclaim and update their healthcare listings when not managed by a business account. To get started, click on each link below to reclaim the physician profiles:

Healthcare Directory Instructions to reclaim your profile
Healthgrades Register as a user Claim your profile
RateMDs Claim your profile
WebMD Register via Medscape Sign Up

Social Profiles

If you signed up for the Grow package or Social package, our Off-Boarding Team will disconnect the social posts and send your practice the login to Twitter. For Facebook, we will need to transfer the Administrator role to a new Facebook user otherwise the Facebook profile will remain in Practice Growth’s business account.

Practice Portal Data

The Practice Portal will become deactivated. Please know that the data from the portal is not transferable.

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