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Practice Growth Connect FAQs

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 409

Don’t waste time navigating between miss patient messages with multiple texting platforms. Connect offers multiple patient touch points and consolidates those communications into a single texting solution. Connect is secure, and offers helpful tools for you to comply with HIPAA guidelines. With Connect, you can improve your reach, simplify your communications, and convert more leads.


Web to Text is a website widget designed to improve lead conversion by offering a quick and informal channel for visitors to communicate with your practice.  The Web to Text widget consists of a simple Call to Action followed by a short form for visitors to enter their name, phone number and message.  Once the form is submitted, a text messaging conversation is established between your practice and that lead–enabling you to respond as soon as possible during normal business hours.


When a patient calls your practice, they receive an option to text instead of talking to the front office. This feature helps make practices more efficient by reallocating resources to other high-value initiatives, boosting staff morale and practice productivity. It also provides patients with a choice for their communications experience.


 Messages feature enables you to enhance your patient experience by texting with them directly from the Practice Portal.

Practice FAQs

How much does it cost?

Connect is included with your current license. There are no additional fees.

Will my phone number for voice and text be the same?

Yes, once you activate the Call-to-Text, within a day or two, we update your website and social profiles that we manage with your new text-enabled number.


Can I activate text messaging without the Web-to-Text and/or Call-to-Text?

Connect wouldn’t be complete without a way to let your patients know they can communicate with you. Web-to-Text is enabled with text messaging in Connect. While we recommend it, Call-to-Text is optional.

Where do I access text messages from patients?

Once you activate text messaging, a new menu item appears in the navigation tab under“Inbox”. You go here to view your messages from patients.

How am I notified of new messages?

Under profile setting/notifications each portal user can customize how they want to receive notification for new text messages. The options are browser, email, or none.


Does chat happen in real time?

The web-to-text feature enables patients to reach your front office. It is not necessarily a real-time chat. When a patient submits a question from the website, we automatically send them a text message that states: “Hi [Patient Name], this is [Practice name]. We received your message and will respond during normal business hours.”

Who answers the messages?

The web-to-text feature facilitates a conversation between patients and your front office. It is your office’s responsibility to respond to messages in a timely manner.

How do we notify patients about the timeframe in which we will be able to respond?

We automatically reply with the message: “Hi [Patient Name], this is [Practice name]. We received your message and will respond during normal business hours.” This response let’s the patients know that your office has received the message and will respond during normal business hours.

Can I customize my automatic reply?

At this time we cannot customize replies, but be on the lookout for this option in coming months.

How long does it take for the web to text to show up on a practice website?

It can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour for Web-to-Text to appear on the practices website.


What is Call-to-Text?

Call-to-Text features allow your callers to convert a call to a text and will work on top of your existing phone service.

When patient calls this number:

  • If patient prefers to text; then we will connect the patient and practice via text so they text each other
  • If patient prefers to talk; we simply forward the call to your current number

How do patients convert phone calls to text?

When calling from a cell phone, they choose an option from the phone menu and we send an automatic message to get the conversation started.

Who answers texts?

The Call-to-Text feature facilitates a conversation between patients and your front office. It is your office’s responsibility to respond to messages in a timely manner.

Can I customize the menu?

Customization is currently not available but we are working to provide an option in the near future.

Can I add more options?

At this time we are limiting the options to: 1. Schedule an appointment, 2. Reschedule an existing appointment and, 3. General inquiries, but be on the lookout for that as an add-on in coming months.

Can I route phone call options to other numbers?

Customers can direct phone calls from one location to another location.

Will activating this change my phone number on my website and profiles?

Call-to-Text feature compliments your existing phone service. Once activated we will replace the current voice only enabled call tracking number with a new number that can support text and phone. This will ensure your patients can now text or call you using the same number.

Can people still call my actual phone number?

Yes, if they call your direct line they will circumvent Call-to-Text and it will ring directly to your front office.

Do you have any automatic responses?

Not yet! but we are working on it.

After Hours Reply:

How do I set my hours?

Hours are set by your regular location hours. You can access this under the Practice settings (gear icon in the bottom of the sidebar).

I have a part-time location, can I route their after hours calls to another location?

Yes you can! You can change the after hours routing to another location when you activate.

What will the after hours response say?

[Practice Name]: To book online, please visit [booking URL] (if your practice has online booking or an appointment request form) Or, reply with: Your full name and your question.We will get back to you during office hours

Can I customize the after hours message?

At this time you cannot customize the message, but be on the lookout for that as an add-on in coming months.

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