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Do I get to keep my website if I terminate my contract with Practice Growth?

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 170

When discussing site ownership, it is important to understand the various components that go into making a website. There is the domain name, the website software, the written content on the site, and the images/videos on the site. Ownership regarding each of these components varies.

The Domain Name

Owner: Customer

The domain itself ( is your property. If we have that domain name under our registration account and you decide not to continue services with Practice Growth, we transfer the domain to your personal account for you to maintain indefinitely.

The Written Content

Owner: Practice Growth

The Practice Growth Content Team crafts the unique, SEO optimized written content that appears on a practice website, therefore the content is also owned by Practice Growth. However, since the content is written specifically for your practice, we are willing to work with customers who are concerned about not retaining their written website content. Please speak with your Implementation Manager or Customer Success Manager for more details.

The Images

Owner: Shutterstock

All images that are displayed on your website that were not provided to Practice Growth by you are owned by Shutterstock. Practice Growth has a Shutterstock license, so we are legally allowed to use Shutterstock images on our websites. However, we do not own these images and are therefore unable to give them to you if you decide to discontinue services with Practice Growth. If you were to terminate your contract, you would need to purchase a Shutterstock account in order to be able to use the images on another website.

All in all, your Practice Growth subscription covers a lot more than just creating a website for you. Our platform is not a website builder (in the way that Wix or Squarespace is), but a growth-focused marketing platform that accelerates new patient growth by automating practice marketing and eliminating the need for dedicated marketing resources.

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