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Generate Customer Key

Updated: 09/01/2023|Views: 15941

As an added security measure, the Add-In for Microsoft Excel and the Tebra SOAP API require the use of a customer key (in addition to Tebra login credentials) to access your data. System Administrators can generate the customer key which is an account-specific identifier and the same for all users on the account. The customer key never changes or expires. 

To get access to the customer key, create a Customer Care case and specify if the customer key is needed for the Add-In for Microsoft Excel or the Tebra SOAP API.

Get Customer Key

Once access to the customer key is provided, a System Administrator can generate the customer key by following the steps below. 

  1. Click Help > Get Customer Key. The Get Customer Key page opens in a browser.
  1. Click Create my customer key. The customer key generates and displays next to Your key.
    Note: The customer key may already display if a System Administrator has previously completed this step.

Once generated, the customer key can be viewed again by navigating to the Get Customer Key page.



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