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New Practice Setup

Updated: 05/25/2021
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With the New Practice Setup wizard, setting up a practice takes about 30 minutes or less. This wizard guides you in completing all necessary data fields for setting up a practice so that you can quickly begin the billing process.

The setup wizard launches if you:

  • Sign into the Kareo Desktop Application (PM) and have no practices set up.
  • Select an existing practice for which the setup was not completed.
  • Add a new practice to the Kareo account.

Note: If you are adding an additional practice to your Kareo account, the insurance companies and plans that have already been set up can be shared between those practices; however, patient records cannot be shared. 

New Practice Setup

  1. Click Settings > Company > New Practice. The New Practice Setup wizard launches.
    Note: To prevent duplication when there are multiple practices, attempt to find the practice first and verify it is not in the system. Then, click New at the bottom of the Find Practice window and continue to step 2.
  1. Click Start the setup process. The New Practice Setup window opens.
    Note: To complete the process without delay, have the listed information readily available. If the setup wizard is exited at any time, the information entered will be saved.
  1. Enter the practice information:
    1. Practice Name: The name of the practice.
    2. Address line 1, Line 2 (optional), City, State, and ZIP: The physical address (not a P.O. Box) of the practice. 
    3. Practice EIN (optional): The Employer Id Number assigned to the practice by the IRS.
    4. Group NPI number (optional): The National Provider Identifier used when the provider is credentialed to bill payers as a group.
    5. Select the appropriate plan for the practice in the drop-down menu.
      Tip_Icon.pngTip: Click View pricing policy for more details about pricing and billing policies.
  2. Click Save practice and continue to step 2. The Setup Practice Locations window opens.
  1. Click Save and continue to step 3. The Add Your Medical Providers window opens.
    • If additional service locations need to be added, click + Add another location.
    • If a listed service location needs to be edited, click on the location name.
  1. Click to select the listed provider.
  2. Click the provider's name to complete all required fields. The Edit Provider window opens.
    • If the listed name is not a provider and an additional provider needs to be added, click + Add another provider. Continue to step 8.
  1. Enter all required fields; if applicable, edit any provider information:
    1. NPI number of this provider (optional): The individual National Provider Identifier assigned to the provider who is providing services.
    2. The provider's First name, Middle (optional), Last name, and Degree (optional), e.g., MD, PhD.
    3. Email Address: The email address associated with the provider's Kareo user account.
      Important Note: Use the provider's valid email address or create a temporary user and update it at a later time. Do not use a staff member's email address for providers.
    4. Select the main location for the provider in the drop-down menu.
      • If the address is not listed, click Enter a new address for this provider.
    5. The provider's Primary taxonomy code.
      Tip: Click Lookup taxonomy codes to search for taxonomy name or specialty.
    6. The provider's Social security number (optional): May be appropriate for providers that are credentialed to bill with their SSN.
    7. Select how the provider is credentialed to bill in the drop-down menu.
      Tip_Icon.pngTip: Check with the payer(s) if there is any uncertainty.
  2. Click Save provider. The Add Your Medical Providers window returns.
  1. Click to select the acknowledgement to be billed for the added provider(s).
  2. Click Save and finish the setup process. The Practice Setup Complete confirmation window opens.
  1. Click Go to my Practice Home to access the practice.
    • If any changes or future additions need to be made, access the Settings menu from the Practice Home.


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