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Updated: 11/21/2022
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Use the Toolbar shortcuts to access the most frequently used options within the Desktop Application (PM).

Tool Option
Desktop_Icon_OpenPractice.png Open Practice: Click to switch between practices (when there are multiple practices within the Kareo account).
Desktop_Icon_NewPatient.png New Patient: Click to create a new patient record.
Desktop_Icon_FindPatient.png Find Patients: Click to search for an existing patient record.
Desktop_Icon_NewAppointment.png New Appointment: Click to create a new patient or non-patient appointment.
Desktop_Icon_FindAppointment.png Find Appointment: Click to search for an existing appointment.
Desktop_Icon_DailyCalendar.png Daily Calendar: Click to open the daily calendar with a view of the current date.
Desktop_Icon_WorkweekCalendar.png Workweek Calendar: Click to open the weekly calendar with a view of the current workweek.
Desktop_Icon_NewEncounter.png New Encounter: Click to create a new encounter.
Desktop_Icon_FindEncounter.png Find Encounter: Click to search for an existing encounter or to track the status of all encounters.
Desktop_Icon_TrackClaimStatus.png Track Claim Status: Click to view claims and statuses, find and edit individual claims, print paper claims, and submit electronic claims.
Desktop_Icon_ReceivePayment.png Receive Payment: Click to enter a new payment.
Desktop_Icon_FindDocument.png Find Documents: Click to find and manage documents.
Desktop_Icon_FindTask.png Find Tasks: Click to find and manage tasks.
Desktop_Icon_Settings.png Settings: Click to open the Settings Home window, which provides a list of options to configure your company and practice.
Desktop_Icon_SupportHelp.png Kareo Support Website: Click to access the online Kareo Help and Support which includes help articles, user guides, training and additional resources.
Desktop_Icon_NewMessage.png New Message: Click to create a new message via the Message Center.
Desktop_SearchBox_Patient.png Patient Search Box: Enter a patient name to quickly search for a patient record.
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