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Custom Self-Pay Insurance Company and Plan

Updated: 03/29/2021
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There are times cash practices may have to print a claim (that is not associated to an insurance company and plan), and in order to do so, a custom self-pay insurance company and plan can be created.

Add Custom Self-Pay Insurance Company

  1. Click Settings > Insurance > Insurance Companies. The Insurance Companies window opens.
    Note: The Insurance Companies window is also known as the Enrollments Dashboard.
  2. To prevent duplication, verify a self-pay insurance company is not in the system then click + ADD INSURANCE on the upper right of the window. The Most Commonly Requested tab of the Add Insurance window opens by default.
  1. Click the Search Other tab.
  2. Enter the desired name for the self-pay insurance company in the Insurance search box.
    Note: No search results are found as this is a custom insurance.
  3. Click Add. The custom self-pay insurance is added to the Selected Insurances list.
    Note: There is no payer ID assigned for custom insurance companies as these are paper claims payers.
  4. Click Save. The Insurance Companies window returns and the custom self-pay insurance company displays in the list of insurances. 

Add Self-Pay Insurance Plan

Once the custom self-pay insurance company is created, add a new self-pay insurance plan.

  1. Click Settings > Insurance > Find Insurance Plan. The Find Insurance Plan window opens.
  1. To prevent duplication, verify the insurance plan is not in the system then click New at the bottom. The New Insurance Plan window opens.
  1. Enter the information:
    Note: The below information prints on the top right of the CMS-1500 claim form.
    1. Insurance Company: Click Insurance Company to search and select the custom self-pay insurance company. 
    2. Plan Name: The desired name for the self-pay plan. 
    3. Address: Since this is a custom self-pay plan that has no claims billing address, it is recommended to enter the practice's physical address with a valid 9-digit zip code.
  2. Click Save.

Next, create an additional self-pay case with a self-pay policy for the patient whose claim(s) needs to be printed.



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