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Tebra Help Center

Calendar Customization FAQs

How can I change the color scheme of the appointment calendar?

The color scheme of the appointment calendar is currently set to manila yellow for available times and olive green for unavailable times.


Can the appointment block change color according to the appointment reason? 

No, the appointment reason color will only appear as a bar to left of the appointment.


Can I template/color code the calendar so my staff knows when to schedule certain types of appointments?

Yes, once a timeblock has been set up, the color will be reflected in the designated time frame.


Is there a way to turn off Saturday and Sunday so that it doesn’t show on the calendar?

You cannot turn off days on the calendar. However, instead of using the Weekly Calendar, use the Workweek Calendar so that it only shows Monday-Friday. Click Appointment > Workweek Calendar in the top menu.


How do I set up the calendar to show when a provider only sees patients part of the day?

If hours change from day to day, a timeblock will have to be added to block out the hours when the provider is not seeing patients. 


Is there a way to color code the confirmation status codes in the appointment scheduler? For example, different color for No Show, Check-In, Check-Out and etc.

There is no color coding available for these different statuses.

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