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How do I send email appointment reminders?

How do you enable email appointment reminders?
Email reminders are enabled through Appointment Options.
To opt the patient into email notifications, ensure the patient's record is set to allow email notifications.

What triggers an email reminder to go out?
The email appointment reminder setting has to be enabled for the practice and the patient record. The appointment has to be booked at least four days prior to the appointment. The email reminder will go out three days prior to the appointment.

If the appointment has been edited within the four days prior to the appointment, the email reminder will not be sent. 

What is the cost to send email reminders?
Email reminders are free of charge if they are included in the practice's subscription level. See the pricing policy for more information.

Which subscription levels feature email reminders?
In order to enable email reminders, the practice's subscription level for Practice Management must be a subscription level other than basic and plus.

What email is the appointment reminder sent from?
The email is sent from

What does the patient see on the email reminder?

"Hi *Patient Name*, 

This is a friendly reminder that you have an appointment scheduled with *Provider Name* on *Day, Date at Time (TimeZone).* For example: Monday, June 9, 2014 at 9:00 AM (Pacific Time).
Your appointment is at the following location: 

*Practice Name*
*Practice Address*
*Practice Phone Number*

Click here for directions (Link to
(This link is provided for your convenience. Please verify the physical location with your doctor.)

This email account is not monitored so please do not reply to this automatic appointment reminder. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please call your medical office. 
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Where does the email reminder pull the provider's name from?
The provider's name is populated based on the resource in the appointment

Where does the email reminder pull the appointment time?
The appointment time is based on the time zone from the service location assigned to the appointment.

Where does the email reminder pull the practice name from?
The practice name is populated from the practice information

Where does the email reminder pull the practice address from?
The practice address is populated from the service location assigned to appointment

Where does the email reminder pull the practice phone number from?
The phone number is populated from the service location assigned to appointment

Can the email reminder be customized?
Email reminder formatting is not customizable. 

Does Kareo offer alternative services? 
You can enable the Phone Appointment Options feature, or you can use our partners DemandForce orZocDoc.

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