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Appointment Options

Updated: 05/15/2024|Views: 7431

Appointment Options enables you to configure global default appointment settings for a practice. You can set up office hours, configure appointment time increments, and enable automatic appointment reminders, color coding and timeblock rules. These settings affect all locations and resources within the practice.

icon_tip.png Tip: It is recommended to enable Patient Communications in the web platform instead of appointment reminders in the Desktop Application (PM). Patient Communications increases your practice's income by sending automated appointment reminders to patients via email, text message, or phone.

Access Appointment Options

  1. Click Settings > Options > Appointment Options. The Edit Appointment Options window opens.

 Appointment Options

  1. Select the appropriate settings:
    1. Click the drop-down arrow to select the Start time and End time of the Calendar Office Hours.
      Note: Timeblocks set up in the Timeblock Calendar will override these times. 
    2. Click the drop-down arrow to select the shortest appointment increment the practice will schedule on the calendar. 
    3. The following display options are selected by default. Click to clear the selection as needed. 
      • "Show appointments color coded by primary reason"
      • "Show calendar color coded by timeblock"
      • "Show legend for timeblocks"
    4. Click to select "Enforce timeblock scheduling rules" to prevent a new appointment from being saved if it conflicts with a timeblock rule. 
    5. Click to select the following Basic Appointment Reminders options:
      • "Enable basic appointment reminders" to allow phone call reminders for patients opted in on their patient record
        Note: It is not recommended to enable this feature if Patient Communications Phone Messages have also been enabled for the practice, otherwise, patients will receive two different phone call reminders.
      • "Enable email reminders" to allow email appointment reminders for patients opted in on their patient record.
    6. Enter additional CC Email Recipients that should receive a copy of the appointment reminder emails.
  2. Click Save.
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