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Navigate Patient Communications

Updated: 06/23/2023|Views: 14302

Patient Communications saves you time and increases your practice's income by sending automated appointment reminders and survey requests to patients via email, text message, or phone. Patient Communications also enables patients to confirm appointments, which are then reflected on the Dashboard and Calendar.

In order for a patient to receive communications:

  • "Allow Appointment reminders for this location" is selected for the service location associated to the patient appointment.
  • Automated patient communication preferences must be set on the Profile tab of the patient's Demographics page.
  • An email address and mobile phone number must be entered on the Profile tab of the patient's Demographics page.

Access Patient Communications

  • Hover over the Platform icon and click on Patient Communications. The Patient Communications page opens.

Navigate Patient Communications

  1. Select a provider from the drop-down arrow to view Patient Communications for a specific provider.
    • To activate, click Turn on patient communications.
  2. The provider can send communications by Email, Text Message, or Phone Message.
    • All three options are enabled by default.
    • Click on a card to view which patient messages can be delivered using the communication type, record a custom greeting (Phone Messages only), or disable/enable the communication method.
  3. When Your Practice Can Send Messages:
  4. Communication method icons (email, text message, or phone) display on each appointment reminder type.
  5. Click on a card to access additional settings, turn the reminder off/on, or customize the message (Engage Subscribers).
  6. Cards with a red border indicates the reminder is turned off.