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Tebra Help Center

Print Document

arrow_orange.jpgTo print a document

  1. Click Documents > Find Documents.
  2. Once you find the document, click once on it to highlight.
  3. Click Print. This opens the Print Document window.
  4. Step 1: Select the printing options:
  • Select what to print: "All" to print all pages, "Status" to print specific pages of scanned documents or "Pages" to print specific pages.
  • Select if you want page status and/or page notes to print in the header of each page.
  1. Step 2: Click Print. A progress bar will appear.
  2. Step 3: The system will ask if the document printed correctly. Check the printed copy of the document. If it printed correctly, click OK. If, the document did not print correctly, select No, please print all pages again. The system will then automatically resend the document to the printer. Once the document has printed correctly, make sure the radio button is set to Yes, all of my pages printed correctly; and then click OK.
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