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Reports Management

The reports available within the application share a set of common features. All reports are initially displayed on-screen; and most are filtered by a default date range. You can override the default behavior for most reports by customizing the date range and filtering by custom parameters. You can jump from summary reports to detail reports or to individual patients, encounters, payment records, etc., using embedded hyperlinks similar to the hyperlinks you might find on a web page.

You can also page through long reports using the new page control feature; you can search for specific information within any of the reports by using the report search feature; and finally, you can print reports or save them to disk in Microsoft Excel or Adobe Postscript Document Format (PDF).

Reports can be accessed from the Reports menu, from the "Reports" shortcut on the Navigation Pane, or from the Workflow diagram on the Practice Home Dashboard. However, if you wish to view a short summary of a report before opening it, you might want to experiment with using the "Reports" shortcut on the Navigation Pane or the "Generate Reports" shortcut on the Workflow diagram of the Dashboard. Clicking either of these shortcuts will open the Reports Home page; which displays a list of the main categories of reports. Clicking any of the main categories will display the reports available within the category selected, along with a short description of each report. To open a specific report, click on the report you wish to view.

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